Your kid using a smartphone most of the time? Handle it

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Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. Having a smartphone means accessing the internet and entering another world where virtually everything is available.

Now the thing is, just as there are bad aspects to smartphones, there are also good aspects.

There are things on the Internet these days that would not be possible to access.

And Pandemic has handed over smartphones to almost all teenagers today.

Do all kids have must a personal smartphone and use the internet at this age?

There are differences of opinion among many parents, teachers, or experts.

Many people think that smartphones can be used at this age, but it should not be personal.

Your kid using a smartphone most of the time? Handle it

Many people think that when they start using smartphones at this age, children feel much more independent if they have a personal phone.

As well as learning a lot of bad things. Many parents say that they are wasting their time studying over the phone. Like many others, they are studying on the phone.

As a result, among thousands of opinions, the reality is that the phone must be given to children, especially teenagers. But there are a few things to keep in mind before giving the phone.

You need to know the rules of using a phone, keep in mind a few more things –

1) Passwords should never be shared with anyone. Children should be taught first and foremost that phone or any other type of password should not be shared.

They need to be told that if they have a password, their phone and information will be protected.

In this case, if necessary, parents have to intervene and see what they are sharing.

2) You need to check the security information regularly. Smartphones mean that most people nowadays have access to social media.

In that case, it is better to keep an eye on their friend list, posts, and personal info, that they are sharing.

3) No personal information should be shared. School, school address, home address, phone number, or any such personal information should not be shared internet. No one will be able to track kid phones.

There will be no risk of using the information for dishonest purposes. In other words, it is better not to give all the identities.

4) No phone time Many parents complain that the boys are busy on the phone all day. This is a loss of education.

Many people become addicted to the phone. So you have to specify a no-phone time for them.

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This means that at certain times of the day, where children will not use the phone, it should be tied.

Such as when eating, reading, going to school, or playing sports.

5) Beware of trolling is often a topic on social media. This often causes a lot of damage may go to jail.

As a result, children have to be persuaded to stay away from these. If possible, they should be made aware of the bad aspects of trolling.

6) Extra caution when sharing something online should refrain from sharing phone numbers or any personal information with strangers.

Without associating with strangers, if you make your circle, there will be no possibility of problems.

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