Your Google photos files can be unknowingly deleted

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Google recently announced that from June 1 (2021) unlimited storage of free Google Photos will no longer shall be used to start premium services.

Because of this, users of Google Photos all over the world are going to face huge problems.

Because people upload countless pictures every day on this photo platform of Google.

Now it’s time to look for an unlimited photo upload platform as an alternative to Google Photos.

But before that, you need to know how long the current storage will last. Accordingly, users need to remove all images on other platforms.

To upload images to Google Photos after June 1, 2021, users must subscribe to one of Google One’s plans.

Before that, find out exactly how much storage is still in your Google Photos and click here to know.

Your Google photos files can be unknowingly deleted
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If you are not logged in to your Google Account, click on this link to log in. After logged in, the user will be automatically taken to that page.

From there, it will show you how long your Google images have unlimited storage for free.

This estimated time of unlimited storage for free Google images depends on the personal upload history.

In that case, if you have uploaded a large video file, it is good to know that you will have very little space.

If you’ve uploaded very few photos or videos, there’s still plenty of space in your Google Photos storage option.

This tool also lets users know exactly how much space Google images take for photos or videos not only that.

This storage option from Google will also tell you the answer to how much space the company’s other products, such as Gmail and Google Drive, take up.

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According to that, you can also be careful about uploading pictures or videos later.

However, there is a ‘learn more’ option, which allows you to learn more about Google’s new policy.

It is important to know exactly how much storage options you have left.

Because of the many useful images from many years of useful documents, many users upload it to Google.

That is to say, take a look at the storage before all those valuables are automatically deleted.

My recommendation – Backup your important images or data in your Google Drive or your computer or your mobile to use this file in the future.

How export your images from Google Photo?

1. First check if you are logged into your Google Account because that’s where all the information is then log in to

2. Once the site is open, first, click on the Deselect All option.

This option should be selected so that other information is not deleted from other Google apps.

3. Scroll down to select Google Photos.

4. After selecting, click on the Next Step option at the bottom.

5. This time you have to choose how fast this export process will be in this case, you will get two options.

These two options are Export Once and Export Every Two Months for One Year.

6. In addition to this, you have to look at the format in which you have to export.

In this case, you have to choose one of the .zip files or .tgz files to choose the file format.

7. This time you have to click on the Create Export option.

8. Once these first steps are done, Google will send a mail to your Gmail account to verify your identity and selection decision. You have to approve it.

9. The process of data export starts after this approval. The whole process takes Google hours to complete.

In this case, the time increases or decreases depending on the data size.

10. Once the process is complete, Google will send all the data to your account via email.

11. This time you can download this data on your smartphone or laptop.

You can upload them to any other cloud storage at a later time or you can save it on a hard drive.

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