Your child suffering from mental health problems? Know that

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No matter what experts say, mental health is still a neglected issue in our society do not take as problems.

You can take leave from the office because you feel bad, but tell me, is it possible to take leave because you feel bad?

Because we still don’t take it seriously. And if this upset the little ones, then it is a more neglected field

But keep in mind that there are also things to think about when children are upset. Mental problems can occur in them.

So learn to recognize the difficulties of the minds of the children without ignoring them.

If your child is suffering from mental health problems and what are the symptoms –

1. Abdominal pain or headache –

Abdominal pain, headache, insomnia can be symptoms of mental problems in a child. Anxiety can lead to abdominal pain, lack of concentration.

If your child repeatedly talks about stomach aches or headaches without any particular illness, try to find the cause without ignoring it.

2. Fear and tears all the time –

Is your child too scared? Dreaming of nightmares and crying?

But there are many reasons behind this – fear, exhaustion, sadness.

Your child suffering from mental health problems? Know that

It takes a long time to get out of the trauma when something terrible or sad happens in front of their eyes.

So, if there is any fear in your child, try to overcome it.

3. Excessive disobedience problems –

Many children are a little disobedient. But if your child doesn’t want to hear anything or cries, screams at everything, then maybe he has a mental problem.

Or if an obedient child suddenly becomes disobedient, try to find the cause without arguing. If necessary, take the help of psychologists.

4. Getting become worse at school study –

Many parents complain that their children used to do well in school, but lately, their grades have gone bad. But don’t take it lightly.

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He may have some mental problems behind not paying attention to school studies, not participating in activities other than studies.

Try to understand the problem by talking to him. Finding out where the problem is very important for your child.

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