Your brain memory increase by a swim in cold water

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Water is life once again proved cold water quenches our thirst and also increase brain memory.

Swimming in that cold water releases a kind of cold stock protein RBM3 has direct contact with the brain saves us from Loss of memory.

The University of Cambridge conducted the test on a few regular swimmers at Parliament in London.

They showed that when swimming in cold water in the body secretes RBM3 has direct contact with the upper brain.

Although energy is lost when swimming in the water, this RBM3 protein does not allow swimmers to get tired.

Animals that go into hibernation also produce this protein in their bodies.

If the synapses in our body are damaged, then it is difficult for us to concentrate the mind is always confused.

Your brain memory increase if you swim in cold water

The RBM3 protein regenerates synapses in the body. That’s why people who swim in cold water are less likely to have dementia-like dementia.

In winter, when animals like frogs or snakes go into hibernation, their body loses 20 to 30% of synapses but, when spring comes it is made again.

Scientists say that if dementia starts or is caught early, this drug can increase the production of RBM3 in the body.

So, the patient recovers quickly from this disease. Not only dementia but protein RBM3 fight many other diseases of the brain.

Scientists have confirmed this by researching on rats. The BBC reports that if the body is cold, the head is also cold.

That’s why people who have a wound or a heart condition are kept cold during surgery.

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According to the news, scientists have done this research for three consecutive years.

They tested swimmers and found that they had high levels of RBM3.

But by the pool was the Tai Chi Club, where everyone practiced martial arts.

This protein RBM3 was not found in their body because they do not swim in this study and that has not yet been published.

Scientists are still trying to understand that any drug can produce RBM3 in the body.

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