You must know the side effect of eating guava!

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Guava is also known for its taste and beneficial properties. It is full of nutrients.

It is used as a medicine to cure diseases. However, it has its disadvantages as well as its benefits.

It is also important to know the side effects in such situations and vitamin C and antioxidants rich.

In such a situation, it is very important to know the side effect of eating guava.

It is the same as other fruits, is good for health. However, overeating can lead to many diseases.

According to experts, guava is good, but when eaten in excess, it becomes harmful.

It contains a lot of fiber, which can cause digestive problems. So, if you eat too much guava, increase the amount of liquid intake

What is the side effect of guava?

1. There is a risk of cold and cough – It should be avoided by those who often suffer from colds and coughs.

It is very cold. It can cause colds, coughs, and exacerbations due to excessive intake.

2. Health Problems – If you suffer from any other health problem, it is better to avoid this fruit or eat a limit.

It contains potassium and fiber consults a doctor before you include it in your diet.

3. Leaves are also damaged – Not only guava, but its leaves are also harmful to eat.

You must know the side effect of eating guava!

Its leaves can cause anemia, headaches, and kidney problems.

4. Face stomach-related problem – Excessive consumption of guava can also cause stomach ailments.

This has a detrimental effect on your five systems and the digestive system begins to weaken.

5. Helps in flatulence – Excessive amounts of it can cause bloating.

In fact, this fruit contains a lot of sugar, which is known as fructose.

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Our body has problems digesting and absorbing fructose. Eating can cause bloating and gas in the stomach.

6. May cause toothache – Many women find ripe guava more palatable, but eating ripe or under-cooked can cause a toothache or any other dental disease.

7. Risk of eczema – guava leaf extract can cause eczema. This leaf causes skin irritation. If your eczema is severe, use its leaf extract with caution.

8. Don’t recommend for diabetics patients  Patients with diabetes should avoid eating guava. It recommended to only lowers blood sugar patients.

If you have diabetes, and if you want to eat guava check once your blood sugar or consult with a doctor.

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