You edit the attached Microsoft Office files on Gmail

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Anything needed for Microsoft Office files attached to Gmail became easier courtesy of Google.

There is no need to download and edit any office document separately from this time. Microsoft Office files can be edited directly in Gmail.

Previously, when editing a document, users first had to import the document into Google Drive.

Everything could be changed after that. At the end of all, the documents had to be sent by attaching them in the mail again.

But this time the users will not have to worry so much. Gmail will easily do the necessary work.

According to the company, this feature allows you to easily open and edit Office File.

In this case, users can open and edit an MS document from Google Gmail with the help of Google Docs Editor.

However, this new editing tool cannot convert Office Files to Google Doc format.

You edit the attached Microsoft Office files on Gmail

In this case, the original file format remains the same there are a few more benefits to this whole process.

After editing a file, you can reply to the original e-mail directly. This is not the end.

The updated file can also be sent very easily in a short time. You do not need to download or attach again.

In addition, Google is working on a new feature to make Office File easier.

In this case, a new macro converter feature is being brought to Google Workspace.

This Macro Converter feature will make it easier to import files to individuals and organizations, especially Excel and Sheet.

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It is rumored that California’s tech giant The Mountain View is also working on a number of features, including Google Doc’s document orientation and image support system.

Due to this, documents can be seen in two types i.e. horizontal and vertical orientation.

Note that – since the middle of this year, there have been many changes in multiple apps of Google Suite.

Logos have been changed for various features, including Gmail and Google Drive.

Besides, some apps have been shut down and new applications and features have been launched.

Google has announced that the G-Suite family of apps is being rebranded as Google Workspace.

As a result, Google Docs, the calendar is changing everything. Gmail, Google Driver’s logo design has also changed.

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