Why there is a fungal infection on the tip of the nails?

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We don’t take care of our face or hair the way we take care of our hands or feet or nails somehow a waxing diameter.

Although everyone is now in the habit of washing their hands, most of the girls wear beautiful nail polish on their hands.

But no one thinks about legs. Meanwhile, all our hard work is based on these two legs.

In winter, the skin of the feet is most affected by dust and pollution.

Cracked feet, skin rashes, leg pain, tingling in the soles of the feet are all at this time.

There are also various fungal infections on the nails and nail-biting.

However, this problem is more common in the elderly and teenagers.

The cause of fungal infections of the nails is –

Again, for those who have sugar, those who sweat a lot on their feet, the problem of nails is much more.

a fungal infection on the tip of the nails

Improperly cutting nails can cause problems. When the nails are bent and cut, then the growth of the nails is on the other side.

From there is also the problem of nails. So cut the nails evenly.

Wearing too-tight shoes, socks or stockings can cause nail growth.

From there, there is a fungal infection in the nails there is also a problem like a nail rot.

Injuries or pain in the toenails or toenails can also cause nail-biting.

If someone inadvertently hits the foot, if something heavy falls on the foot, there is a risk of nailing.

Those who play football have a very good chance of being nailed because they constantly hit football with their feet.

Those who are involved in work that puts constant pressure on the soles of the feet also have more nails.

For example, those who are ballet dancers, footballers suffer more from this problem.

There are also various fungal infections in the legs. Nail infections can be occur at any time.

What precautions do you take?

1. Keep nails dry and clean – It is very important to keep yourself clean. If your nails are clean, no germs will get a chance to germinate.

Clean your fingernails and toenails twice a day with lukewarm lemon juice and soapy water.

After dipping your fingernails and toenails in soapy water for a while, keep rubbing them with a soft brush.

Then the dirt on the nails will be removed. Regular cleaning of fingernails and toenails will not cause any infection.

2. Timely and cut the nails – It is also important to cut the nails so that there is no infection in the nails. Many people keep their fingernails big.

In that case, the nails need to be kept much cleaner. Otherwise, you may get in trouble.

But nowadays it is a trend to keep nails short. Toenails must be cut. Toenails are not the most common infection.

If you keep your toenails big, there is a strong possibility that they will break. If it is overturned in any way, it will be cut.

There may be an infection. As a result, it is better not to keep toenails.

However, do not cut the nails with a blade. Always use nail clippers. Don’t forget to shape after cutting.

3. Wear the right shoes – It is very important to take care of your toenails. In that case, wearing the right size of shoes is very important.

If you buy shoes online, buy the right size shoes by looking at the chart.

Otherwise, you can ask the shop where you buy shoes from which size shoes are perfect for you.

If you walk with shoes on your feet, you will understand which shoes are right for you.

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Wearing the right size shoes will not put pressure on the nails.

Moreover, you need to buy shoes through which you can ventilate. Then the chances of infection will be greatly reduced.

4. To protect nails – Gym, public toilets do not go barefoot in all these places.

Since many people are here, the chances of spreading germs are highest here. As a result, it is better to wear slippers in all these places.

5. It is important to be careful about nails – Many people cannot cut their nails properly.

When cutting nails, that is why it is often cut. As a result, germs are easily trapped in the wound. So be very careful when cutting nails.

Do not need to cut the nails too short. Keep nails a little bigger. Then shape it and make it smaller.

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