Why the eyelids jump? Learn the real reason

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Your right eyelids jump! Then don’t go to the office today no accident will happen.

If the left eyelids jump, then comes out you will spend the whole day in a good mood.

Many people believe in this conventional superstition but don’t even think about the reason why their eyelids are jumping.

The eyelids jump mainly due to muscle contraction. In medical language, the name of this disease is Myokymia.

Once or twice a day is considered normal but if it is an overdose and causes discomfort, be sure to consult a doctor.

Why the eyelids jump?

Many people have the misconception that the eyelids are trembling because they may have been noticed by someone nearby.

The eyelids tremble so fast that no one but you can see or understand them.

There are 7 signs of serious health problems behind the tremble or jump of the eyelids that is-

1. Stress: – The body reacts in different ways to any stressful situation the jumping eyelids can be a sign of stress.

2. Fatigue: – Lack of moderate sleep or any other reason can also cause the eyelids to jump out of fatigue. This requires sleep. Then it will be fine.

3. Vision problems: – If there is any vision problem, there is pressure on the eyes.

If you look at the screen of a TV, computer, mobile phone for a long time, it can affect your eyesight. All of these problems can lead to eyelids jump symptoms.

4. Caffeine and Alcohol: – According to many experts, excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol can cause cataracts so, it is better to eliminate these.

5. Dry eyes: – Staring at a computer screen, the effects of excess alcohol, improper placement of contact lenses in the eyes, or age can weaken the nerves in the eyes.

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Ophthalmologists believe that the eyelids jump due to the dryness of the eyes.

6. Nutritional imbalance: – Nutritional imbalance is also shown as a cause of eyelids jump this may be due to magnesium deficiency.

7. Allergies: – Many people who have allergies in their eyes, constantly itching their eyes.

As a result, histamine is also released along with tears. Many people think that their eyes tremble because of this.

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