Why do mosquitoes drink blood? Know that

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Given a chance! Mosquitoes will start drinking blood by boiling the sting while sitting on the skin.

After that, he will drink the blood and run away. Ever wondered why mosquitoes suck blood from our bodies?

Why do mosquitoes drink blood from other animals?

Scientists have not had an answer to this question for so long. It was said that it is the nature of the mosquito.

But why such a nature! Since when is the nature of mosquito! These questions were not answered.

Why do mosquitoes drink blood? Know that

This time a team of scientists from Preston University in New Jersey has found the answers to these questions.

Usually, female mosquitoes drink blood. Thick, mosquito do not drink blood.

Thousands of species of mosquito are found all over the world. One of them is Aedes aegypti from Africa.

There are several species of this mosquito. Aedes aegypti is a carrier of the Zika virus. This mosquito also spreads dengue and yellow fever.

Scientists have conducted research on this Aedes aegypti mosquito. They claim that not all species of mosquitoes drink blood.

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Many species of mosquitoes have different eating habits. Noah Rose, a researcher at Preston University, said no one had studied mosquito-eating and drinking habits before.

They are the first. Preston University said mosquitoes start drinking the blood of humans and other animals because they live in dry areas.

Whenever the weather is dry and mosquitos do not get water for their reproduction, they start eating human or animal blood.

Aedes aegypti of Africa studied mosquito. This mosquito-spread the Zika virus. This causes dengue and yellow fever.

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African mosquitoes include various types of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Not all mosquito species drink mosquito blood.

They survive by eating or drinking something else. Princeton University researcher Noah Rose said no one has yet studied the diets of different species of mosquito available.

He said Aedes aegypti mosquito eggs were collected from 26 places in sub-Saharan Africa.

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