White rash on the tongue new symptoms of COVID- 19

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Researchers in Spain recently conducted a study to find a white rash on the tongue new symptoms in the body of a person infected with the coronavirus.

They conducted this study on a total of 8 patients their average age is 56 years and 58 percent of them are women.

The researchers found a new sign in their bodies they think it could also be a sign of corona infection.

Experts have found that 47 percent of those infected are infected with the fungus.

The effect is seen in different parts of the body on their hands, feet, and skin.

White rash on the tongue new symptoms of COVID- 19

It looks like a sack that surrounds the drawstring doctors say they have never seen this new symptom of coronavirus infection before.

In addition, 26 percent of the body shows a kind of rash in their mouth. Which looks a lot like a rash.

The effect of that white rash can be seen all over the tongue. But doctors say the number of people with skin rashes is not very high.

It is found in the body of 11 percent of the total infected.

The World Health Organization has previously listed multiple symptoms.

It includes fever, cold, cough as it was from the beginning. In addition, all the multiple symptoms of loss of taste and odor have been added.

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However, it has not been added to the list of symptoms in the world as new symptoms have not yet appeared in large numbers.

An expert team from King’s College London was also conducting a corona symptom survey.

They have also found multiple different reactions there. They said that a large part of the affected skin has various rashes.

However, this symptom has not yet been added to the list of established coronary symptoms.

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