WhatsApp Web 6 new features that are coming soon

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WhatsApp became the best messaging platform in the world a long time ago.

From official meetings on weekends to chatting with friends on weekends – people nowadays most of the time use WhatsApp.

That is why this instant messaging app changes various features from time to time.

WhatsApp is again coming up with some new features. Let’s take a look at them.

WhatsApp Web 6 new features that are coming soon

New features come in WhatsApp Web –

1. Voice calling or video calling support in WhatsApp web –

WhatsApp allows voice calling or video calling with family, office, or friends in the mobile interface.

According to a recent report from WABeta Info, Facebook’s instant messaging apps offer video and voice calling on WhatsApp Web soon.

That means not just mobile anymore. Video and voice calls can also make using WhatsApp Web from the desktop. The company is reportedly testing these new features.

2. Advantages of History Sync –

Users will be able to sync chat history on WhatsApp in a few days.

How does History Sync work?

Suppose you bought a new mobile or took access to WhatsApp on another smartphone with your current mobile.

In that case, users can easily copy messages from other chats from one device to another only that.

WhatsApp’s users can also enjoy this facility by walking from Android to the iOS device or vice versa.

3. Redesigned Storage Usage –

How much data you have used in the storage section of WhatsApp means that it becomes difficult to keep track of data storage information from time to time.

WhatsApp is going to make that complication easier this time.

Customers will have access to the details of storage data within a few days if they want.

Besides, WhatsApp users will also get detailed information about the storage of the app.

4. WhatsApp web support in Multi-Device –

This time WhatsApp also appearing with multi-device support for its messaging platform.

However this has already been observed in the beta update.

This feature will easily allow a user to use multiple WhatsApp accounts simultaneously use from multiples devices.

5. Wallpaper Support –

WhatsApp Web is also going to bring a new wallpaper feature for the users very soon.

This feature allows a user to choose the wallpaper of their choice for a particular theme.

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According to a report from WABeta Info, this new update will show the option to download the new wallpaper app from WhatsApp.

6. Experience in new media option –

In this feature, a user will get an idea about the expiration date of other sent media i.e:- pictures, videos, or GIFs in his WhatsApp account.

If the media is too old, it will be automatic deleted from WhatsApp.

After blowing up that media, WhatsApp web will no longer show these options ‘message is delete’ or ‘expired media’.

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