What is hypoxia? How to save yourself? Let’s know that

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As coronavirus infections have increased, so tends to keep oximeters in homes. Since one of the symptoms of Covid-19 is a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the body, the public has become aware.

Lack of oxygen in the blood is called hypoxia in medical terms. Not only Covid-19, but other diseases can also cause hypoxia it is a symptom, not a disease.

However, these symptoms are so serious that if the treatment is not started quickly, the patient’s brain can be severely damaged.

Who is more likely to have hypoxia?

The level of oxygen in the body of a healthy person should be 90-100 percent. The problem is when it becomes less.

Chronic illness can cause hypoxia in some people, and sudden effects can be seen in others.

Hypoxia is more common in patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), asthma because their bodies are less oxygen generated.

What is hypoxia? How safe from this? Let's know that

So if for some reason the incidence of the disease increases then the level of oxygen in the body decreases rapidly.

In that case, if it is seen that the oxygen level has dropped below 90, then a doctor should be contacted immediately.

This symptom is also seen in patients with anemia. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood in our bodies. Patients with anemia have low levels of oxygen.

That is why it is better to have regular blood tests. If the hemoglobin in the blood is too low, it will be possible to take precautionary measures.

Also, being in a suffocating place can cause hypoxia. Physicians like to say that this problem may increase in the crowd at this time of Covid disaster.

Hypoxia can be seen as a symptom if someone has a heart block. Then the patient will have chest pain.

It can also be due to accidents. For example, there is a possibility of hypoxia if any food gets stuck in the airways.

It is important to monitor regularly present-

Due to hypoxia, coronary artery disease is being monitored regularly and patients are advised to go to the hospital if the level drops below 90.

As per the doctor say “The common symptom of most corona patients is shortness of breath.”

In this disease, the virus enters the lungs and causes damage to the alveoli and lung sacs.

That is why it becomes difficult to supply oxygen to the body. If the lack of oxygen goes to the extreme stage, it can lead to head injuries.

How safe from hypoxia?

As a rule, you must wear a mask when going out on the streets or in crowds. But crowded places mean there are less oxygen and higher levels of carbon dioxide.

In that case, if you wear a mask, you will have difficulty breathing. As the level of oxygen in the body decreases, someone may have chest pain, someone may become unconscious fell, etc.

In this case, the doctors are advising to avoid the crowd. Wearing a mask in a crowd will reduce the supply of oxygen to the body.

Hypoxia is also a risk factor for brain damage. This dilemma can only be avoided when people do not go into the crowd.

Many experts say that those who drive their cars should not wear masks all the time. However, if there is an outsider, he should wear a mask.

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Doctors also forbid wearing masks during morning walks and exercise. This also reduces the level of oxygen in the body and the possibility of fainting.

Now that the gym is open, many are leaving. But doctors do not wear masks when doing cardio, weight training, aerobics, or other exercises.

In that case, the only way is to maintain physical distance from others.

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