What Are Foods That Are Good For Coronavirus (COVID-19)? – Warnings

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What is Coronavirus (Covid-19)? What is Good For Corona?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been a fearful disease world for the past few months. Is it possible to protect against this virus, what kind of precautions should be taken?

While explaining the simple suggestions to be taken, the experts drew attention to the mistakes that were known correctly.

The virus called ‘2019-nCoV’, which was first seen in the world in the 1960s, is known as coronavirus. Coronavirus became one of the most sought-after topics on the Internet, with re-emerging in Wuhan, China in December.

Coronavirus, which can be light, medium and heavy in different cases, is in the same group with the SARS previously came out in 2002 and the MERS virus came out in 2012. The problem, which has become eerie with the widespread use of social media, has become one of the common problems of many countries.

For the disease not seen so far in our country, experts warn the most vulnerable population of the immune system. So we knocked on the door of experts for coronavirus. This is what you need to know about the disease and the precautions to be taken:

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Attention To Fever And Shortness Of Breath

Infectious diseases and clinical microbiology specialist Prof. Dr. Sibel Gundes said that the symptoms of coronavirus are similar to the symptoms of colds and flu, “which causes shortness of breath with fever, similar to flu and colds.

The respiratory panel of a group of viruses, including coronavirus, is being studied in patients with the common cold in our country. Coronaviruses, which have been known for years, are viruses that lead to colds, usually runny nose, runny nasal, sneezing, mild cough, burning in the throat, upper respiratory tract infection sore throat.

The reason the virus scares so much is because it has a high spreading power. SARS, which was an epidemic in 2002-2003, was a very frightening virus just as it is now. SARS did not spread quickly, but the mortality rate was very high in the patients infected. The vast majority of coronaviruses passed on to humans can also be circumvented by mild colds.

A very small number of them have undergone such a mutation and have achieved the ability to land not only in the upper respiratory tract but also in the lungs. So he comes out with the pneumonia picture. It can also lead to a very severe case of influenza in patients with pneumonia.

Although there is in Turkey a new coronavirus, influenza, parainfluenza viruses such as rhinovirus is experiencing the fastest days of the epidemic. We are going through a period when colds and flu are both common and very severe. Only Turkey is not very much affected by the flu all over the world. We should be very careful about both infections, she says.

Who Are At Risk?

Professor Dr. Gundes states that those with diabetes, cancer patients, people who have had chemotherapy before, those with rheumatic disease, those with lung, heart diseases, asthma, COPD should not delay their travels and should not enter very crowded environments, she says:

Although there is no risk to limit going to closed places such as shopping center for healthy people, theater, people who feel sluggish, exhausted, high fever and sick should not enter crowded areas, they should not allow these viruses to become epidemics by risking the society and should consult a physician.

coronavirus Hand Disinfectant

It Is Condition Hand Disinfectant (#More Important)

Internal Diseases Specialist Dr. Haluk Mumcuoğlu, on the other hand, emphasized that those who use public vehicles such as buses and metro buses should use hand disinfectants. Money still carries a high risk of spreading viruses.

Hands must be disinfected after using money. When choosing hand disinfectants, it should be paid attention that it contains 70 percent or more alcohol. Also, it is a high protection rate of colognes over 70 percent of alcohol, ” he says.

It’s Important To Use A Mask

Referring to the importance of using masks in coronavirus protection, Specialist Dr. Mumcuoğlu said, “The protection of masks, especially N95 and N99 certified, is 70 to 80 percent and is quite high. The protection of simple masks is around 20-30 percent.

For this reason, quality masks that are certified and reliable have to be preferred. Unless needed, crowded environments should not be entered. When it is necessary to enter such environments, a mask should be used. ”

Effective Measures Against Coronavirus

  • Reduce stress and manage correctly.
  • Regular and adequate sleep.
  • A healthy and balanced diet, probiotic foods should be consumed abundantly.
  • Exercise and plenty of movement should be done regularly.
  • Avoid factors such as smoking and alcohol that weaken immunity.
  • 1.5 – 2 liters of fluid should be consumed per day.

coronavirus Do Not Use Antibiotics

Do Not Use Antibiotics

Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Servet Alan said, “There is no effective drug or vaccine for coronavirus for now. Antibiotics are not effective for any virus.“

Antibiotics are effective only against bacteria. Antibiotics have no effect and place in coronavirus infection, diseases such as influenza and colds. For this reason, citizens should not prefer antibiotics, he says.

Should Be Feed Rich With Vitamin C

To be protected should be emphasized to vegetables and fruits. People’s daily menus should be especially rich in vitamin C, this can not be provided vitamin C supplements should be taken, plenty of liquid should be consumed, buttermilkfresh fruit juiceherbal teas should be preferred, daily at least 2 liters should be consumed of water.

What Are The Plant That Is Good For Corona?

Fatih Pamukcu selling spices “After the coronavirus came out, we investigated which plants have therapeutic properties.

We have learned that echinacea plant and propolis fluid are very effective for protection against this virus. Citizens prefer these two products because they increase their immune system. Echinacea plant is brewed like tea and a glass of water is consumed in the morning and evening. Propolis liquid is in the form of drops. It is recommended to drink 10 drops every night when going to bed, he said.

Echinacea plant is used as an immune system booster and anti-virus indicating Pamukcu,
Linden and sage are not as effective as echinacea. This plant prevents corona and flu. We’ve been selling most of these two products since coronavirus started spreading around the world. When plants are used regularly and logically, they have a healing feature” he said.

Warning For Children

Children have the weakest immune mass. For this reason, families with children need to take precautions against all infectious diseases, not just coronavirus. Dicle Celik, a specialist in Child Health and diseases, argues that sick children should not be sent to school, “robust child monitoring must be done.

Children should have full vaccinations. Healthy eating is essential for children’s immune systems to be good. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed in season. Avoid packaged foods. The child should be told when and how to wash hands.

Hands must be thoroughly washed between the fingers for at least 30 seconds. Sick children should be closely monitored and their families should be notified. Parents should be advised not to send the sick child to school.

And schools shouldn’t be overly hot. Classes should be aired often. Children should be told about the habit of handwashing over and over again.

false known true coronavirus

Falses Known True

! The virus is transmitted from cargo from China: Wrong. It is extremely low that this virus will come in packets from China. Coronavirus needs living cells to reproduce. In other words, even though it is contaminated with a lifeless material, it cannot reproduce in the contaminated places.

! Coronavirus differs from common cold: False. The symptoms may, therefore, be indistinguishable from other common cold viruses. For example, the influenza virus and the coronavirus can follow with similar complaints and end with similar complications. If the patient has difficulty breathing, especially with fever, should be admitted to a health care facility without wasting time.

! Brine with Vinegary protects from coronavirus: False. The methods such as saltwater nose and throat gargle, cleaning the house with vinegar are no more than water and soap. Hand washing does not replace water and soap or hand disinfectants.

! UV Clamp protects from coronavirus: False. Instead of all these, washing hands is the most effective method of protection. Corona is a very weak virus, and even a simple soap can break it down. Any cleaning material is enough to destroy the virus. It is a virus that is very weak to external conditions.

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