Using sanitizer on your phone? Know what’s right or wrong

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Due to the spread of coronavirus around the world, people are being advised to wash their hands repeatedly with soap and use sanitizer.

Sanitizers and masks are now relied on to prevent infection!

Now a situation has been created where fear and panic have taken root in the minds of the people out of that fear, many people are cleaning their phones with sanitizer.

But here is the ultimate mistake. If you try to clean the mobile phone just like cleaning your hands with sanitizer, then there is no protection.

Using sanitizer on your phone? Know what's right or wrong

In one jump, the lifespan of your phone will be reduced a lot. Sanitizing your smartphone with the latest technology means unknowingly bringing extreme danger.

What kind of damage can be done if you use sanitizer on your smartphone?

1. Screen and speakers may be damaged

Many also use anti-bacterial wet-wipes to disinfect phones. Or using hand sanitizer.

Alcoholic sanitizer given to the phone means damage to the screen. Unknowingly but the phone is being damaged.

Sanitizer but can also damage your phone’s headphone jack and speakers.

Repeated use of sanitizer will make the screen of the phone look very clean.

But it damages the screen it also damages the headphone jack and speakers.

2. There may be a chance of short circuit in your phone

Both the number and work of phone repair and phone repair shops in Corona have increased significantly.

The reason is a sanitizer. In most cases, such phones are coming into stores that have been cleaned with sanitizer.

A Mobile Care official said many people are sanitizing the mobile in such a way that the sanitizer enters the headphone jack.

This is causing a short circuit in the phone.

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The use of sanitation has also increased the crowd at the servicing center because the lifespan of mobile is decreasing faster than before.

According to experts, sanitizers contain alcohol.

So after cleaning the mobile with it, there is a strong possibility of a short circuit in the headphone jack or charger.

3. Display and camera can also be damage

Cleaning the phone with sanitizer may change the color of your phone.

Alcohol-based sanitizers react with the phone’s display, making it unusable.

Even the damage is the back and front camera of the phone. The color of the display is also turning yellow in many cases.

 4. Use a cotton cloth

If you want to clean the phone with a sanitizer, turn off the phone first.

Now take a piece of cotton and apply sanitizer to it. Now gently clean the screen of your phone.

Remember that the amount of alcohol rubbed on cotton should be less.

In addition to this, you can also find the right way to clean your phone by calling Customer Care.

 5. Anti-bacterial paper

This is a safe bacterial tissue paper for mobile cleaning.

You can buy these wipes from any medical store with your identity proof documents then you can clean your phone.

These wipes are very dry which does not cause any damage to the mobile.

6. Use wipes

The best way to clean mobiles is with 80 percent alcohol-based wipes on the market.

With the help of these tissues, you can easily clean your phone.

This allows you to better clean the corners of the phone and the back panel.

This also cleans the phone’s bacteria and does not damage the phone.

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