Use eyeglasses in your daily life? Follow this rules

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Only those who have glasses know how difficult and complicated life can be without glasses.

Many people resort to lenses instead of wearing heavy eyeglasses all the time. You think it is easier to take.

Eye problems can be due to various reasons whether he is working continuously for a long time or any other problem of the body.

This problem can occur at any age in your life. And eye problems are eyeglasses must.

Although some people use these eyeglasses for styling again. But wearing glasses often leads to boredom.

Then many people took lenses. But you can’t wear lenses all the time – so use the glasses carefully and follow a few simple rules.

You know what to do and what not to do with eyeglasses? Learn it

Whatever you do –

1. Try to keep the glasses in the sheath at all times. Having trouble waking up or finding out where you put the box of eyeglasses in the bag?

Use glasses in your daily life? These rules must be follow

Place a fluorescent marker or piece of tape over the box. It will shine in the dark and catch your eye.

2. You have to clean your glasses at least once a day – there is no road! Wash glasses with mild hot water and mild soap.

If water leaks, wipe the lens with the soft cloth provided for wiping the glasses.

Eyeglasses in hand soaps or rough cloths deteriorate quickly.

3. You have to be a little extra careful when choosing eyeglasses.

Remember, glasses are also part of your look, so it’s best to make sure you know exactly what they look like.

It is recommended that the glasses are worn daily be sturdy.

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If you think that only reading glasses will work, but only if you consult a doctor, take specific power glasses.

4. People with poor eyesight need to have a few extra sets of eyeglasses. You must also keep space for glass in your office bag.

Don’t do that-

1. Don’t leave eyeglasses unattended – you and someone else may have an accident.

2. Don’t wear eyeglasses over your head – no matter how stylish they look!

If you do this a few times, it will start to loosen you will not get the proper vision.

After that, the hair oil will accumulate on the glass and the eyeglasses will start to fade.

3. In the sunlight – It is also necessary to wear goggles. Do not rush out into the sun, but it will play twelve of your eyesight quickly. Get a good pair of sunglasses for extra safety.

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