US company Novavax will also be made vaccine in India

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After the British company, this time the American company also relies on the Serum Institute of India!

The coronavirus vaccine, developed by Oxford scientists, is being developed in India by the British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca.

As well as in India by the Serum Institute, The world’s largest vaccine manufacturer.

The Corona Ticker of Oxford, made by the Serum Institute, is called Covishield.

Adar Punawala, CEO of the Serum Institute, said his company would produce about 400 million doses of Covishield this year.

In the meantime, Seram Institute was given the responsibility of making another corona vaccine.

After the British company AstraZeneca, this time the company will also make the strong corona vaccine of the American company Novavax.

US company Novavax will also be made in India

The Serum Institute of India has been given the responsibility of producing and distributing the corona vaccine made by them.

The US antidote manufacturer Novavax said on Wednesday.

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The two sides have already reached an agreement in this regard. The agreement was signed between the two parties on July 30.

The results of the first phase trial of the corona antidote made by Novavax have already come to light.

According to the results, the vaccine has been able to produce 100 percent corona-resistant antibodies in the human body.

Not only that, but this corona antidote made by Novavax has also been able to make immune T-cells (white blood cells) in the body.

The agreement between Novavax and the Seram Institute of India will create another powerful corona antidote in India.

Novavax had said that vaccines successfully produced antibodies against the coronavirus in an early stage and small clinical trials.

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