Two -14 years old girls found an asteroid near the earth

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One is Vaidehi Vekariya, the other is Radhika Lakhani Prafulvahas. Both of them are 14 years old and are in 10th class.

Their fame has brought them to the court of the world.

These two teenagers from Surat, Gujarat have discovered an asteroid that has come running towards the earth.

It is known that the asteroid will cross the Earth’s orbit after about 1 million years. NASA has recognized their discovery as rare.

Two 14-year-old students, found an asteroid rushing towards the earth
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How did the two daughters of discovering this asteroid?

Participants were tasked with locating asteroids from images sent by the Pan-Stars Telescope at the University of Hawaii with state-of-the-art software and technology.

In this way, Vaidehi and Radhika find the asteroid after searching for hours.

At the event, which was held online, they discovered the asteroid captured by the CCD camera of the powerful Pan Star Telescope in the Hawaiian Islands.

From there the news spread to the world of astronomy. The storm of praise blows.

Jay Patrick Miller, director of the International Astronomical Search Collaboration, acknowledges this achievement.

NASA has mailed them confirmation in this regard. The asteroid is currently named HLV 2514 and will be named after NASA’s orbit.

It is now near Mars, another 1 million years from Earth’s orbit. At some point in the future, it may rush to Earth.

Vaidehi and Radhika studied at PR Savani Chaitanya Vidya Sankul. Science is their favorite subject, they have been trained in a private company called Space India.

Space India, with the help of a NASA-affiliated Citizen Scientist Group called the International Astronomical Search Collaboration, launched a campaign called the Asteroid Search Campaign.

asteroid 1

Vaidehi said that he wants to name this asteroid, he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

Radhika again said that she did not allow the TV to be kept at home to keep her busy with her studies. Now just wants to study with the mind.

But despite the habit of praise, NASA’s emails were unexpected.

Two teenagers from a middle-class family are jumping for joy as NASA recognizes their discovery.

Vaidehi’s father is a cloth merchant by profession, and Radhika’s father owns a computer parts shop.

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According to the two accomplished daughters, they identified a total of 20 objects during the camp.

In it it has received asteroid recognition. They also said it would take a few more years to understand its trajectory.

This asteroid or asteroid can be named after him.

This is the first time in the last four years that an asteroid has been identified from India.

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