TikTok want business in India, try deal with Reliance

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Chin played a strong blow; Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries is buying tickets.

There was a time when the country was all about the young generation; The Chinese app ‘Tiktok’ was full of intoxication.

Increasing followers in ‘TikTok’; Today’s young generation has become a celebrity. But as India-China relations deteriorated.

The Modi government has banned ‘TikTok’ in the country of India.

But it is heard; This app is going to come back to the country again; This time Mukesh is holding Ambani’s hand.

TikTok may return to India again; There are great possibilities.

Byte Dance is the parent company of TikTok, is desperate to save the business in India after the app was banned.

To that end, he started talks with Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). Although initial talks were held in the last week of July.

No final decision has been taken by Reliance and TikTok, according to the sources.

Neither side wanted to comment on the talks or sign any agreement.

On June 29, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps, including popular apps like TikTok, due to the deterioration of Indo-China relations due to military clashes in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh.

TikTok has about more than 200 million followers in India. As a result, this small video app and the main company ByteDance is strike hard.

TikTok want business in India, try deal with Reliance

The Chinese company was desperately trying to keep the business afloat in India by overcoming that push.

That’s why ByteDance has started talking to Reliance, according to TechCrunch, an IT news outlet.

TechCrunch claims that the two sides have confirmed the talks.

However, since the matter is confidential, neither side wanted to comment on it.

TechCrunch also claims that the two sources are directly involved in the discussion of bit dance and reel.

However, there is no indication that the talks have progressed too much, claims TechCrunch.

However, when Reel or ByteDance was asked to respond via e-mail, no company responded to TechCrunch.

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Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance’s Jio has recently been heavily invested in by several companies like Google and Facebook.

Which are at the front of information technology.

In the last few months, Mukesh has invested around Tk 2,000 crore in contracts with 13 companies.

Looking at that, I am optimistic about this deal. On the other hand, about 400 million people in India have direct contact with Reliance Jio.

According to IT experts, the popularity of TikTok in the country will increase the base associated with Geo.

But the question is, where the Indian government has banned tickets, will the country’s largest company Reliance.

Why TikTok try to deal with Reliance?

According to experts, such an agreement could damage the company’s image. Reliance officials will surely understand that.

But TikTok is still trying to survive in India. There are a total of 2,000 balance workers in the country, including TikTok.

Chinese authorities have not yet asked any of them to quit their jobs. Rather reassuring them, they are continuing talks with the Indian government.

The questions that the government has raised are: trying to solve the problem with answers.

Besides, the message has been given that the workers will not be laid off.

However, many high-ranking officials have left their jobs.

Sources said that Rohan Mishra, the Indian head of ByteDance’s other app Hello, left the company last week.

However, he did not want to comment on the Reliance-ByteDance conversation.

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