This is the easy way to make yellow teeth white

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Many of us are embarrassed to have yellow or black stains on our teeth. This stain becomes a cause of discomfort during socializing.

These yellow spots can appear on your teeth for various reasons.

Normal whitening of teeth can be lost due to carelessness of teeth, use of tobacco, regular use of medicines, spices, or alcohol.

People who suffer from the yellowing of the teeth try to restore the normal whiteness of the teeth in various ways.

Different types of toothpaste, powder, floss – they use many techniques for this.

But none of them match the benefits. In that case, they are looking for a way to whiten yellow teeth for sure and quickly.

How to make yellow teeth white like pearls?

1. Lemon and baking powder paste

Many people have heard about the effectiveness of baking powder for whiter teeth.

Make a paste by mixing lemon juice with this powder and brush your teeth with a toothbrush.

Leave this paste on the face for one minute and then wash it off. The acid will not have a detrimental effect on tooth enamel.

This is the easy way to make yellow teeth white

However, refrain from using this paste regularly, it can be harmful instead of beneficial.

Take one teaspoon of baking soda in a container. Now mix it with half a leaf of lemon juice.

Now mix the two ingredients with a spoon. You see, the mixture is initially taking on a foamy shape.

But after a while, you will see that the mixture has shaped like a thick liquid. Now lift this liquid with your fingers and apply it to the teeth.

Remember, there is no need to rub the mixture on the teeth like a toothbrush.

Just apply the mixture to the teeth. After three minutes, rinse your face.

2. Strawberry and salt mixture

Strawberries have lots of vitamin C to whiten teeth.

It contains an enzyme called malic acid which can reduce the yellowing of teeth.

Make a paste by grinding three strawberries and mixing a pinch of salt with it. Brush it and brush your teeth.

Before washing the face, the paste should be left on the face for five minutes. You can also mix the baking powder in it.

However, it is better not to use this paste too often. Remember, there is no need to rub the mixture on the teeth like a toothbrush.

Just apply the mixture to the teeth. After three minutes, rinse your face.

3. Burnt Charcoal

In the past, many people used charcoal for clean their teeth. You, too, can use this method.

Rub your teeth with burnt charcoal or ashes with your fingers. Teeth will be clean. But not just brushing teeth.

Also, clean the tongue regularly. The tooth stains are far away. Bad breath is also stopped.

This is because food often accumulates on the tongue or in the corners of the teeth. It needs to be cleaned up. Of course, brush your teeth twice.

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If you eat extra turmeric and sour foods, you must brush immediately. Because most of these two types of food cause tooth decay.

4. Use carrots

Carrots help to remove tooth stains. Because the fiber present in it cleans the teeth completely.

It helps to quickly remove the sport from the corners of the teeth. Make it a habit to eat carrots regularly to keep your teeth clean scaling removes.

The yellow sport of the teeth, but not more than one scaling. Also, take a betel leaf and apply mustard oil to it.

Then heat the betel leaf over a candle fire and rub it well on the teeth. Now rub well with a brush.

If you do this a few times, the stain will go away. Apples, carrots, nuts are good for teeth. Teeth are strengthened and cleaned by biting these foods.

5. Salt and mustard oil for your teeth

You can also clean your teeth by mixing 2-3 drops of mustard oil in salt it will make your teeth shine.

Do not eat too much chocolate. Chocolate is one of the causes of cavities in the teeth.

Also don’t eat soy sauce, blueberry. If you smoke, your teeth will get yellow stained. And this stain falls very deeply.

As a result, black spots are not easily removed. You have to give drink up alcohol and smoking.

If yellow or black stained teeth come out during laughter, then all the soil! So you have to burn a little wood to get beautiful teeth.

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