The ointment can destroy coronavirus

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No painful injections or tablets, this special ointment will cure the coronavirus.

A group of American scientists has made such a claim about the effectiveness of their newly discovered ointment.

The ointment, made by scientists at the American Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is called APT ™ T3X.

A report claimed that applying this ointment APT ™ T3X will reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

The US Department of Health and Food Security (FDA) has already approved the release of the APT ™ T3X ointment after its experimental success.

The FDA also states that no doctor’s prescription is required at the time of purchase so that everyone can use this ointment.


APT ™ T3X the team of scientists who made the gel.

Dr. Brian Huber, the lead researcher, said that a study of cases of corona infection from all over the world has shown that the main route of infection is the nose.

The Corona virus particles enter the body through the nose in most cases.

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Then the infection starts in the throat first and then in the lungs .

This is exactly the road that will block APT ™ T3X gel claimed by US scientists.

The main purpose of the study was to prevent the transmission of any virus through the nose, Huber said.

How to use this Ointment?

The ointment will be used only in the nose and it will be able to protect against the prevent of the coronavirus.

However, scientists at the American Institute of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claim that this gel is effective in preventing the spread of any virus.

Although the ointment APT ™ T3X has been approved in the United States.

scientists from other countries and researchers involved in coronavirus research have not yet commented on the effectiveness of the gel.

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