The live custom data can be attached to Microsoft Excel

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Whether for various assignments or office work, this spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel has been very necessary and popular for many years.

This time there are several changes in Excel with the new upgrade, users will be able to add live custom data types to their Excel sheets.

Typically, Excel sheets support numbers and text. This time the new feature is giving additional benefits to the users.

This feature allows users to import their data or information into custom data types.

This means that everyone in the Excel sheet can add information about their required topics in a single cell in the live data type.

This will eliminate the need to update any data automatically because that will make the new feature of Excel work.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that the new feature has solved a big problem.

The errors that were seen in the manual data update earlier.

This time the number of errors will be reduced a little.

The live custom data can be attached to Microsoft Excel
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According to the company, Microsoft Power BI customers can now publish live data in Excel.

If a user has a customer tracking system and wants to add customer data to Excel for a specific task.

This customer data can be imported into the Richly Structure Customer Data type.

In this case, the Power BI tool can also be used.

However, even without the Power BI tool, this data type can be created, the company said.

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According to Microsoft, those who have a Power BI pro service plan will benefit from this Power BI data type.

Live custom data type can also be created with another data type i.e. Power Query data. This data type is coming to the market soon.

It will be available to Microsoft 365 / MS Office 365 subscribers in the next few days.

Excel has been working on more than a hundred pre-configured data types with the help of a computing knowledge engine called Wolfram Alpha.

These data types will have new smart templates with the help of which a new data type can be created to track any research data.

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