The cheap corona test machine was made by IIT Kharagpur

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Researchers at Kharagpur IIT have discovered the world’s first portable and small corona test device.

Not only this, with the help of this device corona can be tested at a very low cost. That is the demand of the researchers of Kharagpur IIT.

The cost of buying this device is not too high.

In this situation, the researchers of Kharagpur IIT have invented a small device through which the test report can be known in just 1 hour.

Laboratory and RT-PCR machines are currently required for corona testing, which is costly.

But this small corona test device discovered by researchers at Kharagpur IIT is very cheap.

If it is used, you will need a lab or RT-PCR machine in the coming days. As a result, the service can be delivered to the general public around the world.

The cheap corona test machine was made by IIT Kharagpur
Image source Google image by SONIYA AGRAWAL 

To buy another TPCR device in the market where it costs around Rs 15 lakh, this device will be available for only Rs 2,000.

There is no problem to test the corona with this device. And you don’t have to wait long to get the test report.

Corona test report will be available in just one hour.

Corona tests can be done in any part of the country with low-capacity power systems or batteries or solar power.

On 25th July the newly discovered device was inaugurated at the Kharagpur IIT premises in the presence of the Director of the Institute, Professor Birendra Kumar Tewari.

At present, corona tests are done free of cost in government institutions, but in private institutions, patients have to pay for these tests.

The ICMR has formulated a guideline that private companies can charge patients a maximum of Rs 4,000 for a COVID test.

Even if the device made by Khargpur IIT is used commercially, the cost of finding out if a person is infected with corona will come down to one tenth.

Then everything will cost less than 400 rupees for the corona test. The results can be known through the smartphone app.

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Two Bengali scientists from Kharagpur IIT have invented the corona testing device which was thrown into the country during the crisis.

They are Dr. Arindam Mandal of the School of Bioscience and Professor Sumon Chakraborty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The technology they have used in this machine requires a piece of paper for chemical analysis and general disposal to see the results.

The cheap corona test machine was made by IIT Kharagpur
Image source Google image by SONIYA AGRAWAL

Regarding this device they discovered, Dr. Mandal said, ‘This small device is not only Covid-19, it is also possible to identify other types of RNA viruses.

It will be possible to do all these tests by following the same generic method. That is why the effect of this instrument is far-reaching.

If a virus infection takes the form of an epidemic in the coming days, the device will still be able to signify its effectiveness.

Professor VK Tiwari, the director of Kharagpur IIT, was overwhelmed by the discovery of the institute’s researchers during the Coronation period.

He is hopeful that the discovery will play an important role in preventing corona infections around the world.

He created the fund on behalf of an organization so that there would be no shortage of funds for research and production of COVID.

The project was funded last April from that fund.

Professor Birendra Kumar Tewari, Director, Kharagpur IIT, said, “The discovery of this device in the COVID test will be written in gold letters in the court of the world as a milestone of the institution.”

He said the Kharagpur IIT authority is ready to market the device jointly with any organization.

The device, which measures just one square foot, is now waiting to hit the market

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