Sumantra received an award for his research on fear

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Professor Sumantra Chatterjee, a neuroscientist and senior professor at the National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS) in Bangalore.

He is head of the Center for Brain Development and Repair has been made an associate member of the MBO.

Embo means European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO or Embo). He received this recognition for his contribution to biology.

For three generations, Santiniketan has been a leading scientist in the country. He is currently working in Bangalore.

Sumantra Chatterjee’s achievement is rare because very few scientists outside the European Union have received this honor.

Sumantra Chatterjee was the first neurologist in the country and the first Bengali to receive this honor.

Sumantra received an award for his research on fear
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Sumantra Chatterjee did research on neuroscience?

He has been researching fear for 22 long years. He showed how long-term stress or fear is changing the appearance of the amygdala of our brain.

This fear or stress does a lot of damage to the sensory part of our brain. He has also done detailed research on mental problems.

This study has shown the direction of several diseases. Different medicines have been made. This work has been appreciated in the country as well as abroad.

The honor was announced on Tuesday from Embo’s office in Heidelberg, Germany. 52 scientists have received honors from Europe.

Eleven scientists from outside Europe have received this honor. Sumantra Chatterjee’s name is at the top of the list of 11 associate members.

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He has dedicated this success to talented Indian students, post-doctoral researchers who have been working with him. No other Bengali has received this honor before.

What is neuroscience ?

A neuroscientist is a scientist who has spacial knowledge in neuroscience and also knowledge in biology,physiology, anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology of neurons and neural circuits and especially their association with behavior and learning.

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