Sugar rising understand by these 10 symptoms

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Diabetes has become a silent killer. Many people are being attacked in our society.

If you have a problem with sugar, you can be affected by diabetes for several generations. But awareness has not yet grown that way.

Nevertheless, World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14 every year around the world. At the same time, several discussion cycles were also organized.

Doctors fear that the number of people suffering from diabetes will increase in the next few years. Genetic effects also work in the case of diabetes.

Sugar rising understand by these 10 symptoms

Also uncontrolled lifestyle, overeating is increasing the problem of sugar. As a result of the lockdown, the noise of food and drink has increased in all the houses.

Many people who regularly take sugar medicine have not even tested it properly.

As a result, the problem has increased. Diabetes has also taken root in the body of many due to stress and irregularities in lockdown.

Understand how to increase sugar physical 10 symptoms

 1. Going to the bathroom more frequently than normal

Frequent urination but symptoms of diabetes anyone who is healthy normal goes to the bathroom four to seven times a day.

But it is much more common in diabetic patients. This is because the body makes extra glucose, which is excreted in the urine.

That’s why you have to go to the bathroom again and again even after drinking a little water.

2. Always getting thirsty

Even after drinking water for 10 minutes, it seems that the throat is getting dry again. The mouth and neck are always dry.

Drinking more water than necessary does not quench the thirst. If you have such a problem, get your sugar tested once.

3. Rough skin

The face and skin are getting rougher than before. The skin is always dry. Also, the body is always itching for no reason.

Itching in the mouth, burning of the soles of the feet are all signs of increased sugar.

4. Increased hunger

The body produces energy when it digests food. That energy comes from breaking down glucose.

But when insulin does not work properly, this process is completely stopped.

As a result, the level of glucose in the blood increases, and even if you eat more food than you need, it seems that your stomach is not full.

 5. Feeling tired

When the sugar rises, the body feels extra tired sleep from time to time. It also reduces your ability in the work.

Even adequate sleep does not satisfy the need for sleep. As a result, they fall asleep wherever they are. But do not neglect this poison.

Everyone gets tired when they work hard. Gets sleep but if the sugar rises, this sleep is one of the symptoms. I will always feel less sleep.

6. Blurred vision

I could see everything without glasses but there have been problems for a few days.

Everything looks vague. Sight is not clear, but all these are symptoms of sugar.

Because when sugar rises, its first effect falls on the eyes and kidneys. That is why back pain, leg pain comes with urinary problems.

It is also difficult to see without glasses. So if diabetes increases, it also affects the eyes. The eyes are always irritated.

7. Pain in the legs due to sugar

This problem also occurs when muscle tension, pain in the soles of the feet, irritation, and an increase in sugar can’t stand for long. The skin cracks.

There are also nerve problems. This problem is bound to come if the sugar rises too much.

Also, the thickening of the skin of the feet is a sign of diabetes.

8. It takes time for the wound to dry

If a small amount of food takes time to dry, there are sores, pus, etc., then remember that your blood sugar is high.

Whenever there is sugar, the juice is made from any cut. Even if the medicine is applied, the wound does not want to heal easily.

The cutting area becomes red and swollen. If you see that now cut is drying in 10 days, then contact the doctor immediately.

9. Lose weight very fast

Weight loss will be followed by weariness and constant tiredness. People with a type of diabetes lose weight very quickly. That too is an early sign of diabetes.

10. Yeast infection

The urinary tract of infection without cause a fever. Then check the urine infection medicine as well as sugar.

Unbeknownst to you, the level of sugar in the body may have increased. That is why there are repeated infections having trouble in the bathroom.

If this is the case, do not neglect it consult a doctor immediately.

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