Suffering from fatty liver? Understand these 7 symptoms

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Fatty liver is one of the most common causes of obesity. This problem is exacerbated by the accumulation of fat from food in the liver.

Therefore, doctors advise taking various precautions regarding eating if fatty liver is affected.

When the bad cholesterol rises, the liver is often attacked by his hands.

It is seen that everyone, men and women, is suffering from this lifestyle disorder.

The biggest problem is the non-alcoholic liver. Many of those who do not drink alcohol or eat vegetarian food has fat deposits in the liver.

Remember, the liver removes all the contaminants from our body, and the accumulation of excess fat will reduce the efficiency of the liver.

Suffering from fatty liver? Understand these 7 symptoms

What are the fatty liver symptoms?

1) If you notice that the color of the urine is excessively dark yellow, then it may be the first symptom of fatty liver problems.

2) If you get short of breath with a little effort, feel exhausted, or feel very tired all day, then it may be the first sign of fatty liver problems.

3) Fatty liver problems can cause abnormally dry skin. Also, skin blemishes or the normal color of the skin near the throat may change.

4) Even though the stomach is not bad, if there is occasional abdominal pain, it may be the first symptom of a fatty liver problem.

5) Fatty liver problems cause muscle loss in the body. With this, if the veins of the hand wake up or come out, if you notice an old look on your face, check the liver.

6) If the belly fat or belly is constantly growing, then you must check whether the fatty liver.

If you have liver problems, change your eating habits as advised by your doctor.

7) The initial symptoms of liver diseases are dehydration, empty stomach, or frequent thirst. Get a liver test as soon as you notice these symptoms.

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Due to fatty liver, toxins cannot get out of the body properly. So keep an eye on the color and smell of urine.

If the color of the urine is yellow and there is excessive odor even after drinking water as per the requirement of the body, get the liver tested.

This problem can be caused by a sudden increase in hunger along with weight gain and an increase in addiction to sweet foods.

Be careful if you suddenly have to face a problem with high blood pressure.

If you want to get rid of liver problems permanently, you must drink plenty of water every day.

It is very good to mix a little salt and lemon juice in water and raw turmeric curcumin is also very effective in keeping the liver healthy.

Continuing the supply of magnesium and vitamin B is also very important to keep the liver healthy.

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