Scientists say the earth will turn into a ball of fire

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Scientists have repeatedly said that earth becomes a ball of fire is one of the most feared causes of global warming.

This time they are the ones who say that in the next century the temperature of the earth will increase about fifty million times.

They have researched and seen that all the normal laws of the world will change completely and as a result, the weather will change.

It may become almost impossible for ordinary people to survive if the temperature raises so much.

Scientists say the earth will turn into a ball of fire

Scientists warn that if the amount of greenhouse gases on Earth does not decrease at the right time, no one will be able to stop this rate of warming.

They dug a fossil out of the ocean floor and studied the crop to see what kind of warmth the earth had at the time of the dinosaurs and then how the temperature gradually increased.

They have seen that so far the world has seen climate change in four different parts. These include ‘Hot House’, ‘Warm House’, ‘Cool House’, and ‘Ice House’.

They say the Earth has been at the Roy Ice House level for so long, then gradually turned into a warm house as greenhouse gas emissions increased, and if it continues to emit more greenhouse gases.

It will gradually turn into a hothouse and the temperature will rise dramatically. The time that ended millions of years ago may come back.

In this case, they said, the average temperature could rise from 16 degrees to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, or 9 to 14 degrees Celsius.

They say that if the current trade of greenhouse gas emissions continues unabated global warming will reach a level that has not been seen in the last 50 million years.

Scientists also say that in this case, the current weather may change completely from the current weather its so-called radical change.

In that case the effects of warming may increase and this change will not be as severe as climate change.

Adapting to this change may be impossible for human life.

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