Russia corona vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ claim some question

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Why Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine claims are being questioned?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Sputnik V. coronavirus is capable of building long-lasting immunity in the human body.

But the third stage of the test in the human body is still left.

The question is how Russia became so sure of the effectiveness of the antidote before the end of that test.

The antidote was applied to Putin’s daughter. The Russian president also said that the girl is healthy.

But no scientist or health worker has any information about how this vaccine was made, how safe it is for the human body, and what percentage of it is effective in preventing Covid-19.

Scientists, health authorities, and the general public are in complete darkness due to the lack of published information about this vaccine in Russia.

Anthony Fawcett, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States, said he had no information that the Russian antidote had already reached the level of use.

Russia corona vaccine 'Sputnik V' claim some question

The Russian business firm Sistema hopes to start mass production of the vaccine, developed by the Gamalea Institute, later this year.

Russia’s administration says the vaccine will be administered to health workers who volunteer at the end of this month or at the beginning of September.

Then on the teachers. It is expected to meet the general public in October. Two doses of each vaccine will be given.

Which will contain the S-antigen of the corona virus. After entering the human body, it will develop immunity.

The platform used to make the vaccine has been developed by Russian scientists for two decades. The platform is based on various vaccines from the past, including Ebola.

When will the Russian vaccine be available?

Russia is going to bring the first batch of Corona antidote in two weeks. The main enemy to the whole world is now the novel coronavirus.

Russia has got the weapon to kill the virus, at least that is what the Putin administration hopes.

On 11th August, Russia has registered the world’s first corona antidote “Sputnik V”.

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Many countries are seeking Russian vaccines. This was stated by Dimitrov, the head of the country’s direct investment fund.

This time Health Minister Mikhail Murasko informed that the first batch is coming within 15 days.

The vaccine is a joint effort of the Gamalea Research Center and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

About 20 percent of doctors in that country already have coronavirus vaccines. Marasco thinks they don’t need to be vaccinated.

However, whether they will be vaccinated will depend entirely on their decision. This is what the health minister told the journalists.

As expected, the Russian government is going to give priority to the citizens of that country.

However, Russia is also considering sending the vaccine abroad to meet domestic demand.

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