Researchers found three lakes in full of ice on the Mars

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Researchers on Mars confirmed two years ago that there is a large lake on the Red Planet.

The salty scientists also said that the water of the saltwater lake on Mars.

For another two years, astronomers searched the red soil of Mars and found three more lakes.

This is no guesswork researchers are convinced that three more lakes are hidden behind the surface of Mars which they have found.

Scientists say the ice-covered lakes of Mars.

A research report on the subject was published in Nature Astronomy on Tuesday (September 29).

There they mentioned that in addition to the big salt lakes that were found two years ago, three more lakes have come to their notice.

Elena Pettinelli, a planetary scientist at the University of Rome who is part of the research team said that in addition to the large lake we have seen three more lakes on the chest of Mars.

There are three other lakes near the main lake. “It’s a complicated process,” he said.

The research team claims that the four lakes cover an area of ​​75,000 square kilometers.

About one-fifth of the size of Germany the central lake is 30 km wide.

There are three small lakes around this central lake each lake is a few kilometers wide.

Astronomers discovered the large ice-covered lake at the south pole of Mars two years ago.

It was then claimed that the area of ​​the lake would be 20 kilometers.

Researchers found three lakes in full of ice on the Mars

Earlier, various studies have indicated that water flows in some places on Mars.

But no one has been able to emphasize the existence of a permanent reservoir.

Due to the low density of air, the reservoir is under the ice in the cold.

Inside the Mars Express spacecraft orbiting a radar named Marsis found the reservoir.

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Roberto Orosei, a teacher at the National Institute of Astrophysics in Italy, led the study two years ago.

At the time, Roberto claimed, ‘The lake is not that big however, it is a real reservoir.

Some water is stuck in the crevices of the rocks or ice, it is not like that a complete lake.’

Did the possibility of the existence of life on Mars increase?

That question arose two years ago.

However, some scientists have expressed the view that nothing can be said for sure yet.

Scientists say that the existence of life elsewhere on Earth depends on whether or not there is water.

The possibility increased because there was water on the red planet.

In the words of a teacher at Britain’s Open University, “We know that the surface of Mars is not conducive to life, so now we have to look for life beneath the surface.”

According to scientists, the temperature of the water in the reservoir of Mars is -10 to -30 degrees Celsius.

The fact that the lake water is liquid in this cold means that it contains a lot of salt. St. Andrews University teacher in Britain.

In an interview with the BBC two years ago, Claire Cousins ​​said: ‘The water may be very cold and salty.’

This situation is very challenging for any animal there must be a debate.

However, once researchers confirm the presence of water, they can’t wait to tell you what will happen to the search for life on the red planet.

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