16 Scientific Health Benefits Of Periwinkle (Vinca Major)

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Periwinkle (Vinca Major) is also known as small and large periwinkle, though not very often in use and is a plant with a lot of benefits.

Here you can learn the benefits of periwinkle, which is used after leaves are collected and dried in the shade. If you want to heal your existing diseases and speed up healing in the natural way, you should take advantage of miracles that nature offers you.

In the World, Heart and brain diseases, especially known as plant that increases blood and oxygen levels, benefits of periwinkle does not stop counting.

Periwinkle benefits

16 Best Benefits of Periwinkle

  • Appetizing
  • Urine remover
  • Kills germs and heals wounds
  • Expands vessels
  • Strengthens memory and prevents decline
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Helps to gather attention
  • Calm, calm the nerve
  • Has vascular astringent properties
  • Stops bleeding
  • Reduces blood loss
  • Prevents excessive bleeding during menstruation
  • Strengthens body
  • Helps treat diabetes
  • Therapeutic in brain vein diseases
  • Treats oral wounds

How to Prepare Periwinkle Tea? (Vinca Major)

Boil the periwinkle and mistletoe in a pinch of hot water for 10-15 minutes, then drink as it becomes warm. You can also consume and mix sage and periwinkle in the same way. It is especially beneficial for mouth sores.

Note: It should be consumed no more than 3 times a day. It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers do not drink during pregnancy.

It is especially leafy at 35 cm across and grows in Germany. When buying, you should pay attention to characteristics and place where is grown.

You should follow the instructions of the spice-maker for both to benefit more and to achieve your health as soon as possible. You may experience unintended consequences for overuse and misuse.

You should investigate the healing properties of many plants and then decide if they are suitable for you. So you can start treatment quickly and use nature’s most beautiful medicinal plants. We learned today how to use and benefits of periwinkle.

Especially if you do not have any allergy or sensitivity to substances in the tea, we recommend that you apply this recipe and find healing.

First of all, in order to live healthy and well, we need to take advantage of naturalness that plants offer us to live healthy and well, and to appreciate what we have at hand.

Periwinkle graphic

What are the Types?

Periwinkle has species that grow naturally in Europe, Caucasus, and Turkey. The most known types are as follows;

  • Central (Vinca difformis)
  • Herbaceous (Vinca herbacea)
  • Large (Vinca major)
  • Small (Vinca minor)

How to Care for Periwinkle?

Planting of Periwinkle should be done at intervals of approximately 30-45 cm in spring or early autumn. Maintenance is easy. It doesn’t want too much effort. It almost surprises you with durability and ambition to live.

It is a perennial and durable flower. Periwinkle is a plant that covers the soil, is resistant to polluted weather and is easy to maintain and produce.

It can be easily cultivated in fields, curbs, ponds, under trees and rocky gardens in urban gardens. It doesn’t fall leaves from summer to winter.

It can also grow shade and in winter. It does not choose much soil, but it is beneficial that soil is rich in nutrients. It can be grown as a group in the garden. It releases roots and forms a new plant where releases.

How to Replicate a Periwinkle?

As we have mentioned before, it is possible to reproduce with elongated roots, as well as seed production to replicate periwinkle, as well as hybrid production.

March is the best time to produce a periwinkle with seed.

The Story of Periwinkle

Let’s come to that highly anticipated story. Why such a charming flower can be commemorated with death.

Legend has that periwinkle used to be hung around the neck of death row inmates. For this reason, was associated with executions. How true is unknown, of course?

According to another legend, the Italians put this flower in the infant graves. This flower also referred to as the flower of death, has been a favorite phrase of many songwriters and poets to describe the fatal gaze. It is used to voice deadly beauty.

Side Effects

German Ministry of Health on 20 July 1987.C. has withdrawn drugs containing periwinkle grass from the market. It has been suggested that disrupts the structure of blood and in turn, reduces the body’s resistance to infectious diseases. Therefore, are preferred gingko drugs without side effects (gingkolu drugs).

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