Peridot Stone: Health Benefits, Uses, History And Meaning (Zebercet)

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What Is Peridot Stone?

Peridot Stone is a stone known as peridona in Greek. Turkish means to give plenty of money. In this respect, it is known to meet meaning of fertility and multiplication among people.

This precious stone has a greasy shine which is rare in nature. In this respect, it is possible to see that both transparent and reflects its own color. It has a slippery structure that resembles oil when you touch.

It is a stone that gives peace and tranquility with its peridot color which can be found as a result of deep researches. For this reason are often recommended people with life distressed.

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Features And Benefits Of Peridot Stone

It is a very well-established stone that is considered to be a very noble list. This precious stone, which has shown value with appearance, is a stone that has existed in everyone’s life for many years.

Crystal-shape of peridot stone is a special stone told about legends. This feature attracts attention of almost everyone.

This special stone, which is believed to bring both health and happiness. First of all, it is a stone that brings luck to its user. If you have problems in your work or family life, you should definitely keep this happiness stone.

In a short period of time, luck will laugh at your face and everything will begin to be as you wish.

History Of Peridot Stone

The oldest historical information that comes to mind when it comes to peridot stones is fire goddess Pele. According to a local belief in Hawaii, Peridot stones are tears of Pele fire goddess. Therefore, it is a very precious and special stone.

Although it was accepted as a stone of sadness for a while, it was later called miracle stones.

Peridot stone is one of symbols of royal family which is used in art of jewelry during ancient Egyptian period. It is considered that can be presented among the most precious jewels. Peridot stone, known since classical period, has also been called olivine since then.

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Properties Of Peridot Stone

Peridot Stone, one of members of emerald stone group, is one of only colored stones in nature. This precious stone, which can only be in shades of green, occurs as a result of alteration of sedimentary rocks and siliceous dolomites.

Peridot stone which has different names from each other, also bears names of olive stone, olives and chrysolite because of shades color. Although this precious stone, which has a special structure, is rarely found in the World also draws attention to researches of Mars.

As a result of investigations carried out, peridot stone on Mars is similar to on Earth.

Chemical Properties Of Peridot Stone

It is thought to be composed of molten meteorites but is mixed with moldavite stone, a meteorite stone. Peridot stone is composed of (Mg, Fe) 2SiO4 chemical formula.

For formation of peridot stone, magmatic rocks such as gabbro, dunite, basalt and troctolite, which are devoid of silica, must be combined. However, in order for peridot stone to appear and to find color, is necessary to change sedimentary rocks of magnesium and dolomites. In this way is formed peridot stone.

Where Is Removed Peridot Stone?

Peridot Stone is most commonly removed in Burma and Australia. These two countries are followed by Norway, Brazil and China. This rare stone is found in Mexico, Kenya, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In addition to all this, peridot stone is removed in Tanzania and United States.

Peridot stone as first on island of “Zebercet” of Red Sea, after this discovery began to “take name of zebercet.” It is common among people with this name.

Physiological Benefits Of Peridot Stone

  • Main reason for popularity of peridot stone is that it delays aging. Moreover, thousands of people who use expressions of satisfaction will attract your attention.
  • A very effective peridot stone for cell renewal has the effect of renewing person’s body. As your age progresses, wrinkles, sagging slows down with peridot stones.
  • This stone, which maintains working order of kidneys, is solution to all diseases that may occur.
  • You should carry peridot on your body in order not to cause problems such as sand pouring, germ-catching. It is an effective and powerful stone for a healthier metabolism.

Benefits To Liver Of Peridot Stone

  • Peridot stone is a stone solution for liver diseases.
  • You can use peridot stone especially when you are facing an oil problem.
  • Peridot stone massage is recommended for those who are struggling with liver problems for a long time.
  • This massage on your liver will reduce your pain.
  • Peridot stones should be used for sleep after each massage so that results can be obtained as desired.
  • One hour before sleep you should wait on your liver and then lie down After a while, you can see your healing with your own eyes.

Psychological Benefits Of Peridot Stone

It is a special stone, described in many different religions. According to belief in Islam, stone of zebercet has been reported to stop spiritual fears and anxieties. In same way, word “Peridot Stones” comes to mind when it comes to Christianity.

If person is restless and unhappy in environment, peridotite stones is recommended.

You can face many problems, such as heart squeezingpanic attacksdepressionanxiety disorders, with peridot stones.

This special stone, which you carry on you constantly, will purify you from negative energies and let you out of your fears. Moreover, self-confidence and relaxation will soon surprise you.

Peace and tranquility prevail in houses where peridot stones is located. If you prefer peridot stones among your home accessories, you can find any peace in your home.

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