Paytm tied with SBI, new Paytm SBI credit card coming soon

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This time Paytm tied the knot with the State Bank of India (SBI) with that in mind, the two companies are jointly launching new credit cards.

In this case, customers will get two credit cards named Paytm SBI Card this Card select both cards can be used on the Visa platform.

When will this credit card be available?

Customers will get the cards this Diwali. In this case, they can register their name for the card in less than a minute from the Paytm app.

However, in order to get the card earlier, the selected customers have to apply according to certain rules.

In this case, customers will have to join the waiting list in the Paytm app from November 1.

These two newly launched credit cards have incented One-Touch service.

In other words, if there is any problem, the customers will get a quick solution.

If there is a problem with the online transaction, you can block the card right away. You can unblock again later.

What are the card benefits?

If the card is lost, you can easily block the card. Multiple services including duplicate card issues and outstanding credit limit will also be available soon.

More benefits have been provided keeping in mind the safety of the customers.

In this case, special benefits of card switch off option are being given to avoid any kind of financial fraud during contactless payment or any international transaction.

There will also be a personalized spend analyzer option. Which will help customers to evaluate the cost and give various plans regarding future costs.

There are multiple offers for cardholders. Customers will get cashback if they buy anything from Paytm Mall or book a ticket to a movie or anywhere in the Paytm app.

In this case, Paytm SBI Card SELECT customers can get cashback up to 5 percent and Paytm SBI Card customers up to 3 percent.

Paytm tied with SBI, new Paytm SBI card coming soon
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Customers can get up to 2% cashback if they buy anything else in the Paytm app using Paytm SBI Card.

According to Paytm, Paytm SBI Card SELECT customers will get priority pass membership for the first two years.

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to visit the lounge of the domestic airport four times a year.

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In addition to these, Paytm SBI Card SELECT customers can get gift vouchers up to Rs 6,000 per annum.

On the other hand, Paytm SBI Card customers will get Paytm First Membership Voucher with an annual retail spends of Rs 1 lakh.

At the same time, cardholders will get a 1 percent fuel surcharge and cybercrime insurance.

In this case, Paytm Card customers will get Rs 1 lakh cybercrime insurance, and Rs 2 lakh cybercrime insurance customers will get Paytm SBI Card selected.

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