Oxford vaccine results positive, Serum Institute wants a trial

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The experimental application of the vaccine, developed by researchers at Oxford University, initially positive results. The researchers say the vaccine is safe to use in humans.

However, more tests are needed to declare it completely safe. That said, the vaccine helps boost human immunity against the new corona virus.

According to the BBC, the results of the experimental application of the vaccine made by Oxford University have been released.

Initially, the vaccine was administered to 1,006 people. The vaccine is injected into their body.

It has been shown that the vaccine helps the human body develop immunity against the new coronavirus.

Simultaneously produces the necessary antibodies and white blood cells, which can fight against the coronavirus.

Oxford vaccine results positive, Serum Institute wants a trial

Researchers say that based on the results obtained initially, the Oxford vaccine is more likely.

However, more experiments are needed to get full results and to know the details about its side effects in the human body.

The experimental vaccine AstraZeneca, a drug manufacturer at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, has reached the final stage as the first vaccine.

It is being tested to see how effectively it can protect people from Covid-19. In addition to the United Kingdom, it is also being tested in South Africa and Brazil.

The vaccine, licensed by the AstraZeneca, is called CHADOX1NCoV-19.

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The vaccine used to make this vaccine is the CHADOX1 virus, which is known as the common cold virus it infects chimpanzees.

Following the record of this success, the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, began testing the drug in India.

The Serum Institute is more convinced of its effectiveness after the results of the first part of the human trial of this tick, published in The Lancet, came to light.

As a result, the company is more confident in launching Oxford’s Corona Ticker trial in India and speeding up production.

According to the agency, the Serum Institute of India will seek permission from the Central Regulatory Authority to start the trial of Oxford’s Corona Ticker in India.

In addition to the experimental application of this vaccine to Indians, the company also wants to speed up its production.

Adar Poonawalla CEO of the Serum Institute said the company was aiming to produce millions of doses of the antidote to coronavirus produced by Oxford scientists as soon as possible.

The positive results of the first episode of the human trial have already matched.

The Serum Institute of India is moving towards the goal of making millions of doses of this antidote as soon as the results of the final human trial are released.

The company wants to start a trial of the Corona Ticker in Oxford in India as a preliminary preparation.

If tested, the Oxford Vaccine Group hopes to release the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of this year.

Once the vaccine’s effectiveness is proven, it will be the fastest-growing vaccine, which will be approved for use in the laboratory.

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