Only 10 years old Anubrata made 6 apps

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Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps at this moment a boy only 10 years old has created six mobile apps with his own hands.

Name Anubrata Sarkar only 10 years old study in class 5. The boy has created six mobile apps with his own hands.

only 10 years old anubrata made 6 apps

Image source Facebook Image By – Anubrata Sarka

The app, created by Anubrat, a resident of the New Town area of ​​Alipurduar, is now waiting to be downloaded on Google Play Store.

Everyone was shocked to hear about his fame. Not only this, with the help of this app you can do wonders.

The list of apps created by Anubrat includes Ludoship, QR Code Scanner, Meat App, Pinch Heater Batsman, Brick and Meter and Legendary Runners.

The Mit app is a messaging app. Which is literally a chatting software. According to Anubrat, anyone can use this chatting app without any fear. No fear, no problem.

This app is going to be downloaded in all the countries of the world except China. Anubrata has fixed everything from the privacy policy of the app to security.

Why can’t apps made in China be downloaded?

Anubrata says that ” China has killed our Indian troop at Galawan Valley on 15th June.

20 Indian army officer so, no one in China can download my app”.

Anubrat’s father Kaushik Sarkar taught at Jitpur High School near Alipurduar. Mother Shanta Bhattacharya is a teacher at New Town Girls’ Education Temple School.

Kaushik Babu said that his interest in maths and computers has been growing since childhood.

The boy first created an app when he was just eight years old. Starting from that. Then he made six more apps one by one.

Handcuffs on the computer at the age of five. He has been practicing reasoning, coding and decoding since the third grade.

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All the Olympiads in the country have already participated in this small event.

Anubrat also snatched a gold medal by ranking in the Talent Hunt at the Silver Zone Olympiad.

Where he had intense intellectual struggles with the world’s fiercest competitors.

Anubrat is not just interested in technology. He is equally interested in cricket and chess. At the age of four, Anubrat took part in a TV show in Kolkata.

Which was conducted by Sourav Ganguly himself. The former captain of the Indian cricket team was also shocked to see Anubrat’s talent.

At this age, he immediately mentions the names of the capitals and big cities of any country in the world.

Anubrat is an English medium school student interested in robotics.

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