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Benefits of Okra

Okra is one of the most preferred foods in winter. It contains highly soluble and insoluble fibers. It is used in more dishes and even special okra preparation recipes are also available. Regular consumption of okra provides many benefits in terms of health.

It contains high amounts of vitamin K, as well as vitamins C, A and E, which are rich in nutrients. It is also rich in calcium, copper, iron and magnesium.

Okra, which is a potassium reservoir, also contains sodium, thiamine pyridoxine, selenium and pyridoxine.

Thanks to intense nutrients and vitamins it contains, it provides a wide range of health benefits.


Health Benefits of Okra

Many vitamins, compounds and substances that are contained in okra, is noteworthy in terms of fiber. Fibers provide serious benefits especially for digestive system and diabetes problems.

Plenty of folate content is especially important for health and development of infants.

In addition, protects against many dangerous diseases such as asthma and chronic diseases and can reduce in risk of developing these diseases.

Protects Digestive System: Contains high amounts of fibers, especially for digestive system is very useful. Increases bowel movement with help of fibers and provides many benefits from weight loss to reducing risk of developing colon cancer.

Can Prevent Diabetes: Because of is rich in fiber, okra can help prevent diabetes.

Folate Storage: The fact that okra contains high amounts of folate can help eliminate problems of pregnancy. It is recommended to women due to this feature during pregnancy.

Vitamin K Storage: It is very rich in vitamin K, thanks to this feature okra can eliminate blood clotting problem, as well as vitamin K is important for bone health.

Good for Asthma: Very surprisingly, okra is good for asthma. People diagnosed with chronic asthma are advised to consume plenty of gum disease.

Prevents Constipation: We have said that okra protects health of digestive system, okra provides fiber in a rich mix that contains bowel movements, can resolve constipation problems.

Protects From Sunlight: It is difficult to say that okra protects directly from damage of sun’s rays but can remove damage and damages caused by sun’s rays. That is why consumption of okra in summer may have significant benefits for skin health.

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Prevent Colon Cancer: Food and substances contained in okra is thought to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Colon cancer usually occurs in body and digestive systems that remain incapacitated, okra can eliminate this problem.

Relieve Obesity: When consumed regularly, raw or cooked okra can significantly reduce obesity problems. It does not only help to lose weight, but can also eliminate nutritional deficit that may occur in people who want to lose weight.

Balances Cholesterol Level: It has ability to balance cholesterol level. In addition, nutrients contains protects heart health indirectly.

Preserves Skin Health: Foods contained in okra and vitamin C are of vital importance for skin health. Vitamin C slows aging of skin, while at the same time strengthens tissue.

Foods in okra also help prevent skin pigmentation. It provides benefits for rejuvenating your skin and repairing damages.

Preserves Hair Health: If you have dry and weak hair boil okra and wash your hair with water, this application will solve problem to a great extent.

It can also be used as okra hair conditioner. Okra is a perfect moisturizer for dry and itchy scalp. Okra softens and moisturizes your hair.

In general, okra maintains health of scalp, itchy scalp problems and can eliminate dandruff problems. In addition, can give a healthy and shiny hair appearance in general.

Other The Health Benefits of Okra

  • Strengthens immune system and increases resistance to diseases.
  • It is an important food source for eye health, reduces in risk of developing visual problems that may occur due to age.
  • Anemia is also thought to be a cure for anemia.
  • Thought to be a diabetes prevention feature.
  • Regular consumption of gum disease is beneficial to health in some respects and reduces in risk of many dangerous diseases.

okra flower

The Health Benefits Of Okra Flower

Okra flower is also called amber flower. This flower is dried and prepared as a tea and consumed in this way. This flower is thought to have originated in India and grows in our country.

• Thought to balance blood sugar, is said to be good for blood pressure.

• Plays an important role in strengthening immune system with minerals, components and vitamins. Increases strength of body in fight against diseases.

• Relieve inflammation and infectious diseases.

• It is especially good for urinary tract, stomach and intestinal inflammations.

• It can increase bowel movements, remove constipation and help to eliminate harmful bacteria in intestines.

• Can raise level of good cholesterol and at the same time keep cholesterol level at a healthy level.

• Thought to be good for diabetes.

• Contributes to health of blood cells and may help to clean blood.

• It may be good for acne and similar problems that occur in face, and is thought to be good for boils.

Okra flower is consumed with tea and preparation is simple.

  • For this, a glass of boiled water in a spoonful of sugar is added to okra and 6-7 minutes are left to wait.
  • Once mixture is warm, honey or lemon juice can be mixed to get more yield.
  • We do not recommend adding honey to boiling water,
  • because honey loses properties in hot water.

In this way, consumption of okra flower can also help to protect health of nervous system, increases fight against stress.

okra seed

Benefits Of Okra Seed

This seed is obtained from okra and there is not much scientific information about benefits of direct health.

It is possible to consume okra seed by dried and brewed in tea, there are health professionals who say that is possible to consume in capsules, but we do not recommend consumption in capsule form.

Naturally we recommend to prepare at home and in a healthy environment. The benefits of okra seed are similar to other okra products.

• Protects digestive system health, reduces in risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

• Can eliminate constipation problems and contribute to nervous system.

• Contains nutrients for blood health and especially for blood cells.

• Increases bowel movement, has constipation properties and makes weight loss easier.

• Contains many vitamins, components and minerals which are necessary for skin and hair health and eye health.

• Protects bone health and can help strengthen bone structure.

Damages Of Okra

x It is a healthy food to be consumed for all ages and does not constitute a risk in terms of health.

It may have some side effects only due to excessive consumption, so amount of consumption should be taken into account especially in the consumption of okra flower and okra seed.

There is not enough information about their negative effects during pregnancy and pregnancy. We recommend that you consult your doctor about amount of consumption.


It is very high in nutrients and vitamins and also provides many health benefits with help of fiber. Therefore, regular consumption is important for many diseases. We recommend that be consumed regularly and fresh.

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