Numb your hands again and again? Know that reason!

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Sometimes you lie down with your hands in mass for a long time and numb your hands, although it is normal if this happens again and again and in other parts of your body.

It is important to be careful. This can be due to multiple sclerosis. This problem can damage the myelin sheath of the nervous system.

So go to the doctor instead of the native. At such times, you feel unable to move your limbs.

Also, it is wise to consult your doctor in situations where such injuries can occur due to internal injuries to any part of the body.

Numbness in the hands can be due to various reasons. If you have thyroid, diabetes, stroke, and many other diseases, such numbness problems also occur.

Why this numb hands problem occurs?

Prolonged pressure on any part of the body can cause that part to become temporarily numb.

According to experts, if the nerves are under pressure for any reason, no sensation works in that part of the body, which makes you feel numb or drowsy.

According to doctors, this can happen if there is a physical weakness or any kind of infection. Sometimes this can be due to a serious health problem.

Massaging that place for a while reduces it. If not reduced after the massage, then the experts think that you have some diseases in your body.

Lack of blood circulation can also cause tingling in the hands.

If the blood circulation in our body is not done properly, it affects our veins, due to which the oxygen does not reach the different parts of our body properly, and then we may fall into a state of drowsiness or numbness.

1. Reasons to type continuously –

Due to continuous typing, the hands may catch tingling. Prolonged work on laptops, mobiles, and computers also affects the wrist nerves.

Nowadays, people sit in the same position and look at their mobile phones for an hour.

2. Thyroid problem –

This type of problem can also be due to the thyroid. Disorders of the thyroid gland in the throat can cause numbness of the hands or numbness or tingle in the hands.

Hands and feet are numb again and again? That reason!

In that case, seek medical attention and have your blood tested.

3. Vitamin Deficiency in your body –

Lack of vitamins can also cause tingling in our hands. Lack of vitamin B12 can lead to numbness in the hands.

You can take vitamin medication with proper advice from a doctor.

4. This may be due to neurology –

Nerve damage can cause severe pain and irritation in the hands and other parts of the body.

According to neurologists, this disease can affect all parts of your body. This disease can be caused by an infection or age.

5. Increase stroke risk in your body –

A stroke occurs if the blood supply to the brain is not adequate. This is especially the case if the blood vessels are obstructed for any reason on your body.

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The first sign of a stroke is numbness of the left arm which gradually spread to the palms of the hands. Contact with a doctor.

6. Drink excessive alcohol –

Hands may feel tingling even if you consume large amounts of alcohol.

Due to excessive intake of alcohol, the cells start working, which makes the hands numb.

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