Now send or receive money easily through WhatsApp Pay

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For the past few years, Facebook and WhatsApp have been trying to launch WhatsApp Pay in India.

The approval of The National Payments Corporation of India was urgent.

According to that, WhatsApp Pay was quickly launched in India after getting permission from NPCI.

Now the question is how to send money with the help of WhatsApp Pay. Keep an eye on all the information about this payment system of WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Pay?

WhatsApp Pay is a UPI-based payments service that launched a beta version in India last February. Now it’s live now and everyone can use this feature.

Now send or receive money easily through WhatsApp Pay
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WhatsApp Pay allows users to link to any UPI-linked bank account and also transfer money with this messaging app.

WhatsApp supports all popular bank accounts, such as HDFC, ICICI, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, and even Airtel Payments Bank.

How to set up WhatsApp Pay?

Follow some steps for setting up WhatsApp Pay on phone-

1.  You need to update WhatsApp from the Play Store first to know the transaction information.

2. The payment option can be seen by opening the chat window of WhatsApp on the Android phone and clicking on the three dots at the top right click there.

3. Once the payment window opens, click on the ‘Add New Payments’ option.

4. Then go to ‘Accept’ and ‘Continue to Proceed Further’

5. Clicking on the ‘Accept’ option will open a new window. It will show a list of banks that have partnerships with WhatsApp.

6. You have to select the bank from the list. After that, you have to verify the account with your phone number.

However, the phone number must be registered with the selected bank.

7.  You must allow the account to be verified by clicking on the Allow option.

8. Set your UPI pin. Note that does not tell that pin anyone.

9. Once verified, the payment facility will be available.

How to send money?

1. You have to choose the phone number of the person you want to send money then click on the ‘Clip Icon’ in the chat window.

2. After that you have to click on ‘Rupee icon’.

3. After that you have to write the amount of money.

4. After that the transaction can be done with a UPI PIN.

5.  Keep the chat window open until a confirmation message arrives.

It also has a ‘payments’ section on the shortcut menu. There, users will be able to know all the details of their transactions.

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Besides, to whom you have sent money before, how much money you have sent.

Sending money to WhatsApp Pay is easier than Google Pay or Paytm.

Now here you have the opportunity to send money through chat, which is not usually possible with Google Pay or Paytm.

How much money is in the account now you will get all the information from your ‘payments’ option?

Yes, you will get all the information from available balance option and also see the all transition trough WhatsApp.

What are the modes of the transaction?

Initially, WhatsApp Pay used to allow users to send money to all those contacts with whom you have enabled UPI ID.

Then WhatsApp Pay users would be able to send money with UPI ID.

Later in March, WhatsApp also introduced the use of QR codes for its payments system.

Every WhatsApp Pay user has a QR code, which allows them to send money.

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