Now pay money to use the Google Photo storage

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In the last month (October), Google came up with a new editing option, including AI suggestions for Android users.

Users were also able to edit images with that feature of Google Photos.

The color pop option was also added to make the image look more glamorous.

Google has informed that more pictures can be added to this Color pop feature.

It was also informed that to use this Color pop option of Google Photos, the user will have to pay from now on.

For that, Google Photos users need to buy a Google One subscription.

The premium features price $ 1. 99 (dollar) per month you get 100 GB of space in Google Photo.

It is also learned that in a few days, more features will be added to this Color pop option of Google Photos.

Google photo verified Twitter account was the first to tweet that this Color pop feature of Google Photos has been locked on Google One Paywall.

Now pay money to use the Google Photo feature
Image Source – Google Image credit – photography pixel

Google has since confirmed that the Color Pop feature of Google Photos can still be used for free in-depth information.

But, if you want to use this feature in the case of a photo, not a portrait mode or a landscape mode on a photo. The user has to subscribe to Google One.

Google says that ‘This Color pop feature of Google Photos is available for free anyone can access this but after some days pay for use feature.’

Depth information, such as an image in portrait mode, can be edited for free.

But for many photos, Google Photos users need to subscribe to Google One.

Google is about to add some more premium features to Google Photos in the future.

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The developers enter the Google Photos 5.18 update code to see that Google is working on a premium editing tool.

That editing tool is now under Google One membership. Google has not yet commented on what could be added to the new editing tool & its payment info.

When start this premium feature?

From June 1, 2021, Google Photos will stop offering free storage to customers for ‘high quality’ photos.

This means that Google Photos users will no longer be able to use more than 15 GB of storage, according to each of their Google accounts.

Starting from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and even Jamboard data will be counted in this storage.

Google claims that more than 80 percent of users have used more than 15GB of storage for more than 3 years.

That’s why it’s almost impossible for Google to keep track of Google Photos.

That’s why Google wants to limit subscriptions to photos or videos or documents.

Once a customer completes the Google Photos limit of 15 GB, they can choose their own subscription plan from Google One.

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