Neem Leaves (Azadirachta indica): Health Benefits, Uses And Warnings

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What are Benefits of Neem Leaves?

Recently, we’ve heard a lot of neem leaves, and those who want to perform natural care often prefer this leaves.

However, neem plant not only oil but also leaves are very effective and used very frequently medical applications.

Many ingredients helps to be effective against fungi, bacteria and inflammations.

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Health Benefits Of Neem Leaves

Neem leaves stimulate immune system, improves liver function, detoxifies blood and protects health of digestive system by respiration. It is also used in treatment of malaria and is good for diabetes.

Viral Diseases

Neem leaves have been used against viral diseases in India for many years. These leaves that can eliminate viruses and apply to them in affected areas.

It can also be used in diseases such as measles, pimples and variola. The components in neem leaves absorb viruses and prevent them from entering unaffected areas.

In addition, a tea prepared with leaves can be used in treatment of herpes or throat infections.

Because of its anti-virus properties, you can also add water to your bath water after boiling leavesEczema can be used against cold burns and pimples.

It is also good for uncomfortable itching and tingling due to anti-inflammatory effect. You can also use leaves to get rid of intestinal parasites.

Cardiovascular Health

Neem leaves are effective in cleansing blood and drinks prepared by boiling neem can be used to control high blood sugar.

Neem leaf extract is very effective in clearing blood and expelling toxins. It also eliminates free radicals.

Neem leaves improve circulation, slow down heart rhythm and dilute blood. It prevents irregular heartbeats and lowers high blood pressure.

Fungal Diseases

Neem is also good for fungal diseases and especially effective against fungi that affect lungs and bronchi.

It reduces symptoms of fungal infections and is effective against hair, skin and nail fungus. The consumption of leaves also suppresses cancer cells.


Neem leaves are also used to suppress malaria fever. It has been determined that mosquitoes exposed to smell of crushed neem leaves do not lay eggs.

In addition, consumption of leaves is often used in treatment of malaria.


Neem bark leaves are abundant polysaccharides and limonoids and they interfere with development of cancer and tumor cells.


Neem leaves can also be used to treat arthritis and help reduce pain. A massage with neem oil can stop muscle pain and joint pain. It is also good for rheumatism, osteoarthritis and back pain.


Neem leaves also act against insect bites and poisons. This is because of has components that prevent clotting.

It can also be supportive in treatment of these ailments because of also against ulcers and inflammations.

Moisturizes Skin

Neem leaves help keep skin soft and moist. They are also good for pimples, discoloration and cracks. It can even be used as a supporting product in treatment of wounds.

Treats Acne

After boiling neem leaves in water, strain bottle and wash face regularly. So you can get rid of acne and acne problems.

Skin is Tonic

The above mixture can also be used as a skin tonic. For this, you can apply to your skin before going to bed with a soft cotton.

This way you can keep black dots away from your face. You can also use this water against dandruff and hair loss.

Hair Problems

After a few drops of neem leaves in boiling water, this water to rinse your hair will be good for scalp, dandruff and hair loss problems.

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Neem juice can be used on burns and allows easy treatment of skin. It also protects burned area from allergies and infections.


After treatment of varicella, it is important for patients take a bath with neem juice to calm skin and prevent spread of infection.

Eye Wash

After boiling and cooling neem leaves in water, you can use this water to wash your eyes.

Sore Throat and Foot Problems

Gargling with neem water will help to end throat problems. Keeping your feet in this water will be good for you after tired.

In addition to all this, a honey putty prepared with neem leaves will help to shape hair. You can also consume these leaves externally or internally. Eating leaves will stop fever caused by viral infections.

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