NASA’s rover land on Mars with help of Soumya parachute

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NASA’s space rover will land on the red planet Mars, and it will happen at the hands of a Bengali.

The ‘Mars 2020 Rover’ will land on Mars in a huge parachute made by Soumya Dutta live in Burdawan (India).

The majestic parachute is the largest parachute ever sent to Mars.

The height of this parachute is as high as 15 people pressing on each other’s shoulders.

The parachute used in the previous Mars mission is not only small but also ‘backdated’.

Without such a huge parachute, it is impossible to land the Mars 2020 rover properly.

It is known that the special reason for the need for such a large parachute is that the landing technology of this rover is different than before.

This time the lander and rover will not orbit before landing on Mars.

Instead, it will enter the orbit of Mars directly and begin to descend rapidly to the chest of the red planet.

Rover land on Mars with help of Soumya parachute

When the lander and rover are separated from the rocket, the speed of the rocket will be 5 and a half kilometers per second.

It is not possible to reduce the speed of the rocket in any way, which can lead to terrible accidents.

So this special parachute has been made to land this lander and rover safely on the chest of the red planet.

This parachute will descend at twice the speed of sound There is also a special anti-thermal system to prevent it from burning in the collision with the atmosphere of Mars.

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It will take 1 to 2 seconds to open this parachute which is bigger than 21 meters.

As soon as the parachute opens, the radar camera will start looking for a suitable place to cover.

Who is Soumya Dutta?

Although he was born in Burdwan city, his father’s job has changed his place many times since his childhood.

He spent the first part of his school life in Dehradun and Mumbai.

Then from the sixth grade of school in America. The majestic masters and Ph.D. graduate from the University of Tennessee is from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

He joined NASA’s Langley Research Center as an aerospace engineer seven years ago (in 2013).

Burdwan’s name became involved in NASA’s Mars mission this time due to his majesty.

The work of Bengali technologists was recognized in NASA’s recent mission to the Red Planet.

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