MS Office file will open in edit mode directly on Google Drive

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MS Office files stored in Google Drive will open directly from this bar in edit mode.

That’s why Google said recently until now, after opening an MS Office file or document, the user has to manually enable the edit option.

But this time you don’t worry about this.

According to Google, for so long double-clicking on compatible office files would first open them in preview mode.

After that, the concerned user had to click on the Edit Enable option.

After this process, it was possible to bring the file into edit mode.

But you don’t have to suffer anymore. This is because MS Office files in Google Drive can be opened directly from this bar in edit mode.

Then the preview cannot be seen?

Google says users will still be able to view in preview mode.

In this case, they have to right-click on the specific file first.

After that, you can see the preview of the file by selecting Preview.

Also, after double-clicking on a file, the preview can be seen by pressing P on the keyboard.

The company says the update is based on a series of changes to Google Workspace or G Suite.

Google said in a blog post that this automatic edit mode is important in Microsoft Office files because it allows anyone to change a document very quickly.

You can edit as you like and love these features.

MS Office file will open in edit mode directly on Google Drive
Source – Twitter Image Credit for this GIF – Google Drive

This means that a document can be easily edited with the help of various platforms including Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides.

Then it will be automatically saved in that particular file format.

This update has been introduced in all MS Office file types i.e. Docx, doc, ppt, Pptx, Xls, Xlsx, and Google said.

However, password-protected files cannot be opened directly in MS Office Editing mode. In this case, such files can be seen in the preview mode first.

This automatic edit mode for Microsoft Office files has already started. This feature is already available in many systems.

It is hoped that this feature update will be completed in the next 15 days.

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Incidentally, the company has also made it easier for users to access files.

This time Google Drive Admin can access files directly from Gmail.

A few days ago, a new feature has been brought by the company.

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