Practical Information About Mastic Gum

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What is Mastic Gum?

Mastic Gum has an effective structure against those who suffer from stomach discomfort and respiratory problems. Although it tastes a bit bitter, it is a real healing and has a strong effect on many health problems.

Mastic is a sticky substance derived from the Pistacia lentiscus tree, also called Chios mastic. This tree grows naturally in North Africa and countries on the eastern side of the Mediterranean sea.

5 Proven Benefits Of Mastic Gum

1.) Develops Teeth: It is consumed like chewing gum develops gums and harmful plaque in the mouth is cleaned.

2.) It Is Used For Wound Treatment: The mastic of the pine should be made to reach a paste consistency. Mixing a little water will be enough to soften the gum.

Then apply the mastic gum to the wound, prevent the infection and the wound will close quickly and start to tie the shell.

3.) Relieves Stomach Discomfort: It helps to relieve indigestion in the stomach. Foods that are eaten heavy or greasy have an effect on the digestion of food in the stomach.

It is also very effective against diseases such as reflux by strengthening the stomach.

4.) Relaxes Respiration: It is a very effective and powerful product especially against negative factors such as opening the respiratory tract of mastic gum, inflammation of the lungs.

It has been used in many wound treatments for a long time in terms of its antiseptic structure.

5.) Refreshes Skin: This gum allows facial muscles to move.

By contributing to the development of non-moving cells around the face wrinkles, skin dryness or aging signs of such problems by eliminating skin renewal.

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Benefits Of Using Together Mastic Gum and Rose Water

Mastic gum and rose water are truly healing for the eyes. After mixing the mastic with rose water, there are many benefits for eye health in dripping the liquid to the eyes. These benefits;

  • Clears the formation of germs in the eye.
  • Relieves eye pain.
  • Reduce the bruising around the eyes.
  • Prevents the activity of the bulb in the eye, allows it to grow and be removed from the body.
  • In general, a sleepless eye fatigue especially helps in the relaxation.

Max Making With Mastic Gum

To wax with mastic gums, it is necessary to mix a glass of mastic gum until it dissolves in hot water.

When you are sure that you have reached the consistency of the wax, you can use the mastic gums net after you have confirmed that the area to apply the net is dry and clean by taking this gum net at the temperature of your hand can touch. It does not show any signs of redness.

Practical Information About

  • It strengthens gingiva and teeth when chewed like gum.
  • Strengthens and comforts the stomach.
  • It like chewing gum also stops coughing.
  • The resins made of this gum are one to obtain a beautiful fragrance.
  • You can open your breath with steam by putting your mastic in hot water.
  • Due to its strong antiseptic properties, the treatment process is accelerated by applying it to the wound.


x In general, it is not very harmful because it is natural. However, there are some situations to consider.

x Pregnant Women: It is not recommended for pregnant women. The reason for this is the ingredients contained in the mastic gum.

x Nausea: It is healthier to consume mastic gum after meals. It is not recommended to chew an open stomach.

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