Mask and face shields are not safe to prevent corona

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Anyone can wear the corona despite wearing a face mask shield but it is not safe to prevent coronavirus.

Manhar Dhanak, a professor of Indian descent at Florida Atlantic University in the United States says According to their research if someone has a cold-cough and has corona symptoms,.

The droplets that come out with a cold or cough can easily spread to the entire face shield. As a result, the corona infection spreads easily.

Dhanak and two other professors, Siddhartha Burma and John Frankenfield, have studied corona infection. Regarding the research, Professor Dhanak said, ‘Droplets can spread over a lot of places.

As a result, the infection also spreads we have seen that the face shield can initially prevent the droplets from spreading, but the droplets accumulate in the face shield and spread throughout the face. ‘

Professor Burma said, “We have done research on the N-95 mask and found that the droplet comes out through the valve through the small gap between the upper part of the mask and the junction of the nose.”

The effect of the mask is lost when the droplet comes out through the valve in this way.

Many are now using transparent plastic face shields instead of cloth masks or surgical masks. Many are also using valve-linked masks.

There are gaps on the bottom and on both sides of the face shield.

It is not possible to breathe well when using it, but it goes without arbitrary breathing.

Pure air is available when you breathe in, while polluted air comes out when you exhale.

Droplets are also mixed with polluted air. As a result, the infection spreads.

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Researchers also say that people should be careful about using alternative masks instead of ordinary masks.

If the mask is not suitable, it is difficult to avoid corona infection.

According to researchers of Indian descent in the United States Masks and face shields are not safe enough to prevent corona

Why is the mask not completely safe?

Droplets can enter the body through space in the middle of the mask with the nose at the top of the mask.

Anyone can be easily infected through it. And the number of droplets is not very low, the researchers said.

They say that the distance between the face shield and the face is clear but not in the case of masks and mentioned the difficulty in breathing without the use of a mask.

That even if the air is drawn in by the filter, the air stays in the mask before it is released into the open air. Which is not right.

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