Malware attacks on Android TV in 84 Countries

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Beyond the boundaries of the smartphone, this time the malware has hit Android TV too! Last week’s event.

The US cybersecurity firm Barracuda Network recently reported that a new malware has infected various devices in about 84 countries around the world.

The virus has infected a total of 13,500 Android TVs and IoT (Internet of Things).

Most of them are from Asia the report further states that the number of infected devices could increase exponentially.

According to the Barracuda Network, a new version of InterPlanetary malware is wreaking havoc on Android TV and other devices.

This terrible malware is mainly targeting devices running the Linux-based Android operating system.

Not only that the router is being affected by this malware. But tech experts are also skeptical about how this malware is attacking.

Although researchers at the Barracuda Network believe that this malware has a special ability to protect itself.

When a device is attacked, it detects the device’s security system and updates automatically.

Even this malware is so dangerous that it destroys other software by installing a service called ‘Go Daemon’ to survive.

Malware attacks on Android TV in 84 Countries

However, the incidence of such malware attacks on IoT devices in India is relatively low compared to China, South Korea, Hong Kong, or Taiwan in Asia.

Murali URS, India’s country manager, said: “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “

However, this type of malware has a serious effect on infected devices, so that they can later be used for Crypto Mining, DDoS (Distributed Denial Service) attacks, or any other major attack.

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Some experts believe that routers, IoT, and Android devices are actually easy targets for this malware.

However, it is also targeting some Android devices, Mac, and Windows devices.

In May of this year, there was an uproar over such malware attacks on Windows.

What is the way to protect smart TV or other devices from this malware attack?

According to the researchers, the malware can only attack weakly configured devices (devices that only have a password login system).

Therefore, to protect devices from malware infection, their SSH (Secure Cell) needs to be configured correctly.

Using SHA256 Key instead of a password can prevent this malware attack.

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