12 Benefits of Linden: Digestive System, Hypertension, Asthma and More

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Benefits Of Linden

Linden grows in trees that can reach an average length of 25-50 meters. Because of pleasant fragrances emitted by flowers of linden tree, is also grown among streets in home gardens, especially in winter months.

It is believed that linden tea, which is mixed with honey and lemon in winter, is very beneficial in terms of health.

When comes to linden flowers season, honey is a source of nutrients for bees, while leaves of linden are also made of various kinds of applets which are good for diseases.

Calcium is a rich source of nutrients. It is also an important vitamin A deposit. Vitamin B6 also contains.

It also contains tannins and glucose. It contains vitamins, elements and other substances and has benefits for some diseases.

What Are Health Benefits Of Linden ?

Linden is mostly used in treatment of diseases or not to catch diseases that cause cold in winter months. Most of leaves are boiled and drunk by mixing lemon or honey. This is the most common form of use.

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* Against Influenza and Flu: It is consumed for prevention of cold and widespread epidemics occurring during winter months and for treatment of these diseases.

To get more efficiency, Linden honey and lemon can be added. With help of honey, resistance of body is increased to fight diseases.

Honey is a natural antibiotic that doubles effect of linden. Honey alone loses properties in boiled or very hot water. Therefore, before mixing linden water must be expected to cool.

* Good For Coughing: Linden has a soothing effect on cough caused by cold. When is consumed regularly hot, removes bacteria and germs that cause coughing and removes irritation caused by coughing in respiratory tract. It helps us get rid of cough faster and quicker.

* Increases Body’s Resistance: It accelerates blood circulation and helps keep body warm. Especially during winter months, people who have a cold problem can help solve this problem significantly. It strengthens metabolism to combat diseases in general.

* Relieves Stress: Linden has a serious effect on nervous system. When cloves are thrown into prepared linden tea, has more effect on nerve and has a calming effect.

Thus, in general, affects nervous systems in a positive way and protects body from bad thoughts caused by stress.

But late at night, excessive linden consumption can cause insomnia. Therefore, is recommended not to consume too much during evening hours.

* Benefits of Linden to Skin Health: It has benefits to eyes as well as diseases. The water obtained from boiled linden leaves is put on eyes with help of cotton.

You should close your eyes while doing this. Because of this application, you can have your eyes rested and you can have your eyes cleaned with bacteria or burrs formed on edges of eyelids.

* Linden for Hair Health: It is also known that Linden is also beneficial for hair health. When you wash your hair with water, you gain a natural look by boiling Linden leaves.

This application strengthens your hair and can also remove some of bumps on scalp. It is also possible to prevent hair loss by strengthening scalp.

It cleans scalp of harmful bacteria and free radicals and provides protection from itching and similar diseases.

* It Can Remove Skin Stains: It is important to note that linden is directly beneficial to heart health, but is also beneficial to heart health because of positive effect on veins.

Because of prevents atherosclerosis, it has ability to protect heart from heart fatigue or possible diseases caused by blockage.

It does not allow hardening of arteries and prevents layers that may occur around veins because of accelerates blood flow. At the same time, it has ability to partially cleanse blood with these additives.

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** Are Good for Asthma and Bronchitis Diseases: We said that Linden is good for breathing in general. There is also opener of breath of linden. It is good for bronchitis due to cold during winter months. It has a soothing and relaxing feature of bronchi.

What are symptoms of asthma? There are also experts who argue that it has an important effect on inflammation that occurs in liver.

It can be said that regular consumption is recommended especially for chronic allergic asthma patients. It can be effective against allergic asthma and can provide relief. The onset of pre-consumption may make attacks lighter.

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* It is Said That is Good for Hypertension: It is not a common opinion, but some experts say that is good for hypertension. It is said to have a small role in keeping blood pressure at a healthy level.

* It Provides Perspiration: In winter, especially in winter with little snow, epidemics caused by viruses often suffer from people. Some types of viruses are easily excreted from body through sweating.

It is possible to say that linden is useful for this. Hot pepper can be added to increase sweating intensity. Thus, with help of pepper pain relief both respiratory tract and increase intensity of sweating.

* Benefits to Digestive System of Linden: Liquid does not exhaust digestive system. On the contrary, very few working lazy digestive systems and bowel movements gain. It accelerates digestion and strengthens stomach.

* Anti-Anemia: Many experts say that anemia resolves. People suffering from anemia can say that is useful to use linden regularly.

Damages Of Linden

x No research conducted so far has revealed that linden has any direct harm to health. Some side effects may occur only if they are over-consumed and used incorrectly.


x Can cause insomnia consuming too much and late in night.

It is boiled only once, boiling over and over again does not provide a benefit to consume opposite is harmful.

Honey or lemon can be used to sweeten as much as possible. Use of sugar can cause weight gain.

Linden, should not drink excessive hot.

There is a general belief that boiled linden helps to perspire. However, intensity of linden temperature can damage esophagus and mouth.

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1.) It is certain that linden is beneficial for health in all aspects.

2.) It is especially effective against diseases that cause colds such as flu and colds in winter months.

3.) Since is possible to find fresh linden in October, is important to start drinking fresh before catching disease and take precautions in advance.

4.) Therefore, we recommend that you consume at least during winter months on a regular basis without waiting to be ill.

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