Life on Venus? The new discovery by scientists

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Now look for life in Venus! That is the indication that the scientists have come up with such a sensational claim.

Scientists have found phosphine gas on Venus from that, they claim, there is a possibility of life on the nearest planet to Earth.

Thus, the known opinion about the environment of Venus is completely opposite.

Scientists say that during the day, the temperature of Venus is so high that it can dissolve any solid substance and its accompaniment is carbon dioxide.

As a result, the environment is very unfavorable for life but recently powerful telescopes from the Hawaiian Islands and the Atacama Desert in Chile were used to keep an eye on Venus.

The Upper Cloud Deck of Venus is examined it can be seen that there is phosphine stored in Venus.

This combustible gas creates favorable conditions for biological life on Earth.

However, due to the presence of acid in the clouds accumulated around Venus, it continues to destroy phosphine, so scientists can not claim that there is life.

Is Venus alive? The new discovery by scientists

Scientists also say that Venus is much closer to the Sun than Earth, so its temperature is much higher.

Scientists do not see the possibility of an organism surviving at a temperature of 431 degrees Celsius on its surface.

However, far above the surface of the venus where the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius like the Earth.

They cannot blow away the contribution of any microorganism behind this coating of phosphine gas.

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The lead author of the study, Jane Gravis, a researcher at Cardiff University’s School of Physics and Astronomy, says the presence of phosphorus does not mean that there is life.

Maybe there aren’t many other substances that are essential for life.

However, Alan Duffy a researcher at the University of Swinburne is happy with the study.

Scientists Alan Duffy said, “The most attractive proof of the presence of life outside the Earth has been found this time we must try to look at all the shots.”

After learning about the possibility of life on the initiative to send a spacecraft to this planet has started.

Different countries have started thinking about the mission to morning star (venus).

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has already proposed a mission to “Shukrayan”.

ISRO chairman K. Shivan has said that ‘Shukrayan-1‘ may be sent by 2023.

According to a report in a US newspaper, a New Zealand private company which has already sent at least 12 rockets into space is now planning to send a small artificial satellite to the morning star.

NASA has proposed a Venus mission more than once in the last decade.

But in the end, no proposal was implemented.

NASA has made arrangements for the mission to the moon, Mars, and Mercury.

NASA also finalized two spacecraft for the morning star mission in 2016.

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