Leave masks on for 72 hours before removing gloves, CPCB

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Whether infected corona or not, used masks, gloves should be cut into pieces and left on the paper for at least 72 hours before being discarded.

Directed by Central Pollution Control Board or CPCB.

They have also requested shopping malls, various institutions, and offices to comply with the directive in the case of PPE, gloves, and masks.

The CPCB has said that the used masks and gloves should be kept in a separate bin for 3 days.

Then it should be cut or sliced ​​like ordinary solid waste and discarded. This is the fourth time that they have issued guidelines on biomedical waste.

Leave masks on for 72 hours before removing gloves, CPCB

The guidelines state that yellow bags cannot be used for general solid waste. Only bio-medical waste generated due to corona should be kept in that bag.

The use of bio-degradable or non-disposable forks and spoons is recommended to reduce the amount of waste.

However, it should be used as per the instructions of the hospital to clean and free the infection properly.

To remove wet and solid waste, it must be wrapped tightly in a leak-proof bag, sprayed with a sodium hypochlorite mixture, then handed over to a cleaner appointed by the administration.

Temporary isolation wards, such as railway compartments, need to have separate colored bins to separate different waste bins and separate bins for corona waste disposal. You have to keep that bin elsewhere.

The bin should be kept in a two-tiered bag, in which corona waste will be kept. Bin infection should be free regularly.

Goggles, face shields, splash-proof aprons, plastic covers, hazmat suits, nitrile gloves used from Corona Isolation Wards should be kept in a red bag.

Used masks (three-tiered, N95 mask, etc.), head cover or cap, shoe cover, disposable linen gown, the non-plastic or semi-plastic cover should be kept in the yellow bag.

The mask, tissue, bathroom utensils used by the corona patient should all be kept separate in a yellow bag. The guidelines say by CPCB.

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