Komodo dragon almost extinct for global warming

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One animal after another continues to suffer from the ever-changing climate around the world.

Butterflies were also included in the list of endangered species in a survey conducted a few days ago.

The Zoologists said that due to the extremely hot climate all over the world on the one hand.

They are losing the color of their wings and the growth of their wings is not enough.

Shortly afterward a recent survey found that the Komodo Dragon topped the list of endangered species.

This species will also be a victim of climate change any day.

The study was recently conducted in a joint venture between the University of Adelaide and Deakin.

According to researchers, global warming and rising sea levels could endanger the Komodo Dragon.

Of course, the number of reptiles is just a handful the Komodo Dragon could be completely lost in a few decades if not properly preserved.

It is also mentioned on the website of the University of Adelaide.

The study estimates that the animal could be completely lost from three islands in Indonesia.

So far, the Komodo dragon lives on only five islands in Southeast Asia.

These islands are Komodo, Rinka, Nusa, Kode, and Gili Matang.

Komodo dragon on the verge of extinction as a result of global warming!

Zoologists also say that the scientific name of this endangered species is Varanus Komodo Ancis.

This species of chameleon is one of the oldest animals in the world.

They have been on the earth form millions of years.

However, at present according to some estimates, there are a total of four thousand.

The latest study is published in the journal Ecology and Evolution.

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In this context, Dr. Jones said that none of the steps that have been taken so far to save is enough.

One species after another is becoming extinct year after year due to climate change and deforestation.

In Indonesia, at least 20 other species have been declared imperil along with the Komodo dragon.

Awareness of the need for climate change and environmental protection around the world may have increased more than ever.

But there are differences of opinion on how fast action should be taken.

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