What Are Health Benefits Of Kiwi? Can You Eat Kiwi Skin? What is Kiwi?

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Kiwi, which is one of tropical fruits, has important health benefits besides exotic taste. Kiwi’s adventure in our country is 10-15 years old, in China, kiwi has been growing widely since ancient times. Adults have positive effects on health of children.

What is Kiwi?

A, E, K vitamins and calcium, magnesium, potassium are rich in minerals and elements. Apart from this, high rate of fiber contains is vital for health of digestive system. These fibers are particularly important for stomach health.

What Are Health Benefits Of Kiwi?

Thanks to nutrients contained is very much contribution in our health. It reduces risk of developing many diseases, especially cancer. Because of antioxidant properties, is important for cardiovascular health and this feature helps all organs.

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1. Strengthens Digestive System

Kiwi contains a high amount of fiber is very useful for digestive system. It is also rich in protein, which is very useful for digestive system.

Fiber is especially important for stomach health. Thanks to fibers, acid ratio in stomach is balanced and protects stomach walls from inside against acid imbalance that may occur in stomach.

2. Balance Blood Pressure

Kiwi serves to keep blood pressure levels at a healthy level of nutrients and trace elements contained. In addition, presence of blood pressure at a healthy level is also important for vascular and heart health. In this way, heart is not overstated and reduces possible heart attack, stroke and stroke rates.

3. Protects Against DNA Damage

Kiwi is one of unique nutritional sources that provides protection of DNA cells and repair of damaged DNA cells with help of nutrients contains.

4. Strengthens immune System

Natural antibiotics, that is, besides properties antioxidant, vitamin C storage is the most important factor that strengthens immune system. It strengthens immune system and protects body against every disease. It makes body’s defense system more powerful and sensitive.

5. Beneficial for Heart Health

Eating 3-4 Kiwi per day reduces blood clotting rate by 18%. Many people use aspirin and similar drugs to reduce blood clots, but these drugs can have many side effects, such as intestinal bleeding.

Kiwi does same task naturally without causing any side effects. It is recommended to consume regularly for those with blood clotting problems.

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6. Kiwi for Diabetics

Kiwi is not in category of dangerous foods for diabetics. Many experts report no risk for diabetes. There is often a misconception because of is a sweet nutrient that increases sugar.

7. Enemy of Free Radicals

Free radicals are main causes of many diseases, from cancer to cardiovascular disease, intestinal infection to skin diseases.

Since free radicals are leading actor of many diseases and problems in body, every food source that is struggling against them contributes to health in general to almost all organs of body. Kiwi cleans body from free radicals with antioxidant properties and also neutralizes with help of vitamin C.

8. Helps Weight Loss

Kiwi is a very useful food source for digestive system in general. Kiwi, which cleans parasites of intestines and free radicals, stimulates non-working intestines. Thus indirectly contributes to weakening.

9. Good for Asthma and Bronchitis

One of the most amazing feature of Kiwi is that is good for respiratory diseases. It indirectly helps lung to function in a healthy way.

People with chronic asthma may relieve or delay asthma attacks. In addition, because of antioxidant properties, smoking or other substances can partially relieve damage cause to lungs.

10. Good for Pre-Natal Nutrition

Women should be careful about pre-natal nutrition. Therefore, doctors may impose restrictions on certain foods according to circumstances and individual’s body.

However, kiwi is an important source of nutrition for both mother and baby in pre-natal nutrition. It has a feature that makes birth easier. Pregnancy and postpartum constipation problems may be a solution.

11. Beneficial for Skin Health

Kiwi, which contains plenty of vitamin C, protects skin health with this feature. It ensures skin to be young and healthy and is effective against skin diseases due to antioxidant properties. Fixes fungal and infectious diseases.

Benefits Of Kiwi Shell

Usually, ‘Kiwi’s shell is eaten?’’ we often meet with question. Most of us do not know much about positive effect of Kiwi peel especially on skin. The antioxidant effect of Kiwi bark is also beneficial for maintaining health of other organs.

So, when we consume Kiwi with Shell, we also benefit from following benefits:

  • At least as effective as inner side is especially important in fight against free radicals.
  • We can also apply kiwi skin or derm. It is beneficial for protection of skin health and cleansing of skin.
  • Helps regeneration of cells and is effective in repairing patient cells.
  • Vitamins are important for hair health.
  • Contributes to digestive system when consumed with shell. Because of contains rich fiber, helps especially stomach to work healthy.
  • Facilitates digestion and helps to eliminate bloating problems.
  • Helps to remove intestines from harmful bacteria.
  • Useful for asthma patients. Chronic asthma attacks have mitigating and severity-reducing properties.

kiwi juice benefits

Benefits Of Kiwi Juice

It is not surprising to see kiwi juice among drinks with intense nutritional value. The amount of vitamin C in kiwi is higher than that of orange. In general terms, is beneficial to health in many respects and especially contributes to skin, hair and mental health.

  • It is full of antioxidants to fight free radicals. It provides long and healthy life with this feature.
  • Helps us to obtain a bright and healthy skin.
  • It has cleansing properties.
  • Also important for hair health because of is rich in vitamin E.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Respiratory problems can be corrected. It is good for asthma.
  • Kiwi juice prevents blood clotting.
  • Helps body to combat stress along with naive taste. Indirectly maintains mental health.

Damages Of Kiwi

Kiwi is a fruit that is very useful for health in general. In some cases, kiwi may have side effects. It can cause problems especially in pregnant women and patients treated with medication. Therefore, those who live in these situations should consult with their doctor before consuming them.

• May cause allergic reactions. Especially because of pleasant taste can sometimes be over-consumed. It can cause allergic problems due to excessive consumption.

• Excessive consumption can cause swelling. In addition, is not recommended to consume too much for patients with asthma. Excessive consumption also causes mouth irritations.

• It may cause swelling of tongue and lip when consumed too much. It can also cause itching and tingling problems.

• Dermatic problems may occur when consumed excessively. There is a possibility of flushing, itching and rash, especially on arms.

• Pregnant women should consult with their doctor about dose before consuming them.


Care must be taken to consume fresh as much as possible to maximize benefit of kiwi. Drug treatment and pregnant women should consult their doctors about how much they should consume a day before consuming. It is said that does not pose a risk for diabetes, but this should be consulted.

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