Kid’s use of headphones during online class? Be careful

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In corona pandemic situation schooling or office, now everything is work from home online classes have all become a habit now as a result of increased headphones use.

It has become almost inevitable at this time. Children’s use of headphones is also increasing due to online classes.

The use of headphones for most of the day is unknowingly endangering children and adolescents.

They are suffering from various ear diseases, many are having hearing problems.

Such a piece of information has come up in a survey. Audio goes directly to the ear when using headphones or earphones.

Noise levels of 90 decibels or more can cause hearing problems if they go straight to the ear can lose hearing forever.

Kid use of headphones during online class

If you want to use headphones for a long time, don’t forget to rest for a while.

Do not listen to music at high volume. It is better not to share earphones with anyone. If not but can easily get an ear infection.

Bacteria from someone else’s ear can easily get into your ear through headphones.

Over the last seven, eight months, the use of headphones in daily life has increased and it is in the interest of work.

Ask for an office video conference sitting at home, or an interview, or reading or teaching in an online class for kids – it’s always convenient to use headphones.

However, if you do not remove the headphones at a certain time, the danger. Doctors say that people’s hearing would have decreased with age.

But a recent study says that people have been suffering from multiple ear problems since a very young age, one of the reasons being the use of these headphones.

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It is not just a matter of hearing because of the intensity of the sound. We can face many more problems with the use of earphones.

According to the study, if you wear earphones repeatedly after using them without cleaning them, the infection can spread.

Therefore, experts advise cleaning the headphone after each use. Also, the ears should be cleaned regularly.

Otherwise, at the end of the day, you may become restless with ear pain. Parents must take care of these, especially in the case of children.

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