Jio is going to bring 3D dimensions to Jio-Glass

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Jio is going to bring Jio-GlassWhen you call, the throat of a familiar person floats from the other end.

From now on, if you call, you will see the person in front of your eyes along with the sound of your voice. It can be chatted in 3D dimensions.

Yes, this is the first time any telecom company has come up with the benefit of holographic 3D content. Reliance Jio is bringing this facility.

If you call for so long, only the audio system would work.

From now on, if you call someone, you will have a video conference with audio and you can also chat with him.

Jio’s new technology Jio Glass is about to unveil such a virtual world.

Reliance Industries Ltd. announces the state-of-the-art Jio Glass system. The announcement was made by the Jio authorities at the 43rd Virtual AGM event.

At the event, it was revealed that they are going to bring state-of-the-art Jio-glass, through which the human face will come alive along with the voice.

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Audio calling will be combined with video and chat technology. Jio-Glass will simultaneously serve these three technologies.

By adding this 3D technology, people from far away will come to our grasp in a moment.

This way the captive life of the lock down will become colorful.

The existence of loved ones can be felt in a moment through this glass.

If you use this glass, it will feel as if your loved one is sitting in front of your eyes – this is the latest use of this glass.

Jio Glass will highlight the issue of virtual reality. Now virtual reality means bringing distant people before your eyes.

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Suppose you are talking to someone on the phone or in a video conference.

If you read the Jio-glass in front of your eyes right now, you will feel that the person you are talking to is in front of your eyes at once which is also the case with 3D movies.

jio- glass
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When we watch 3D movies, it seems as if the characters are moving around us. Due to the high-definition 4K screen in Jio Glass, if you look at distant objects, you will think that the event is happening very close to your eyes.

It seems that this special feeling is called holographic calling. This allows Today’s content to be converted to 3D.

When video conferencing and virtual reality are done together, it is called ‘mixed reality’ in the language of information technology.

As a result of Jio Glass, virtual chat can be done in 3D. Meetings can be attended with the help of a video conference.

This Jio glass is several times better than ordinary lenses.

As a result of the lockdown, all schools and colleges are closed, so online classes are being held in most places.

Jio-Glass makes it easy to attend all classes online.

As far as is known from Reliance Jio, the weight of this glass will be 65 grams. It will have a high-resolution frame screen.

Multi-view content can be seen in this high-resolution skin.

This facility can be availed only by connecting this Glass with a mobile phone. This glass can be connected to the mobile phone via cable.

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